February 26, 2024
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Sponsor of the Week- Muleshoe Journal- Gabby Perez and April Cisneros

The three things most necessary for any community to thrive is food, finances, and information- accurate information, that is. The very first newspaper to be published for the Muleshoe community was called The Booster. It was very short-lived. With the beginning of the county, the Booster was replaced by the Bailey County Bugle. It too was in circulation for a very short time but both papers demonstrated the importance of newspapers and the service and information they provide to the well-meaning of a community.
These first two early papers were followed by the Muleshoe Journal in 1924. It would later change its name to The Bailey County Journal before changing it back again some 40 years later to The Muleshoe Journal.
From its initial location east of the Bailey County Courthouse, the Journal’s office moved to 304 W. Second from there it moved to the current location of 201 W. Avenue C.
Since its inception, the Muleshoe Journal has been as closely tied to its community as the residents and staff have been tied to the newspaper. Names such as Jess Mitchell, Irma F. Willis-Mitchell, and James Holt began a legacy the Journal carries on today. Some of the more recent names associated with the Muleshoe Journal include Rick White, Larry Hall, and Larry Thornton.
The award-winning Muleshoe Journal is part of Panhandle Weeklies, a subdivision of Hearst Newspapers, Inc. under David Robbins, a publisher from Midland, Texas. The Journal holds membership in the Panhandle Press Association and the Texas Press Association. It is a weekly paper that is now printed in the Lubbock Avalanche Journal office. After printing, it is brought back to the local office here in Muleshoe for delivery.
I had the opportunity to spend some time last week at the Muleshoe office and visit with the two local individuals that keep the Muleshoe Journal appearing at our doorsteps and on local racks across town. Those two individuals are Gabby Perez and April Cisneros. This history of the past can be a persuasive teacher for those who now work in the present. As I observed the untiring effort of these two individual, I realized that the past is gone- but a great future lies before them.
Gabby Perez is manager of the Local Muleshoe Journal office. She started working there in 2014. Gabby was a 2009 graduate of Muleshoe High School. She had always loved photography- especially sports photography. She enrolled at South Plains College and graduated from there with a degree in Photo Journalism and Print Journalism. She says her favorite part of her job is designing the special photo sections of the paper because it allows her to be totally creative with the pages.
Gabby is the middle child of her parents Rudy and Bonnie Perez, who now live in Amarillo. She has an older sister, Erika Perez, and a younger brother Javy Perez. Gabby moved to Muleshoe some 20 years ago with her family when her father became manager of the local Alco store.
Gabby enjoys spending time with her family but admits the job requires most of her time. She has ROP (Run of the paper) which means she sells and designs all ads that are not classified. She is responsible for all photographs, serves as manager and editor at the office and proofs each article submitted. She praises her co-worker, April Cisneros, and said that the two of them make a great team.
April was born and raised in Taos, New Mexico. She was a graduate of Taos High School in 2004. She then attended Eastern New Mexico University in Portales and graduated from there in 2008 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.
She met her husband, Eliasar Cisneros, while working at “My Storage” in Clovis, New Mexico. He had two children, Eliasar who was three years old, and Elena who was two. She moved to Muleshoe with Eliasar and his children. She conceived a child named Marianna and soon felt blessed to be called the mother of three beautiful children.
April told me, “I have been very fortunate while living in Muleshoe. I have encountered many pleasant and friendly people. Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth King have been such a great blessing to my life and my family. They reintroduce me to the Lord, and have met such wonderful people through them; Allen and Carolyn Smyer and Steve and Robin Friskup, just to name a few. I am also blessed to have Danny and Ricki Kelly as neighbors. When life seems to get overwhelming, they are always there with helping hands and gifts.”
April has worked at the Muleshoe Journal for 2 ½ years. She says she loves her job and duties and has a great passion for office work, data entry, classified sales, and secretarial duties. She said, “I work so well with Gabby, and I have to say I couldn’t agree more that God really does bring events and people into our lives for a reason.”
I go into the Muleshoe Journal office at least once a week. Gabby and April are always working. But not matter what they are doing, they always have time to work with me, answer my questions, or listen to my ideas.
I always notice a sign that hangs in Gabby’s office. Printed on it is the following: “in this place we laugh a lot, we try our best, we tell the truth, we hug often, we make mistakes, we never give up, we always forgive, we always have fun, but above all, we love.”
We all need such a sign hanging somewhere for us to read each day. Gabby and April, you are both an asset to our community. We appreciate all of the help and support you give to our Senior Citizens Center. And a special thank you for being our Sponsor of the Week!



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