May 28, 2024
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Nelda Hunt was surprised by her children recently with a New Generation poster which joined many others mounted on the walls of the Bailey County Senior Center.
Robert and Nelda Hunt were married January 29, 1960 at the Progress Baptist Church. The date selected by her children to receive the surprise poster was on that same date, but 60 year later. Yes, had Robert lived, he and Nelda would have celebrated their 60th Anniversary on this date.
Robert was born November 7th, 1940 to Buford and Ruth (Crouch) Hunt. He attended Muleshoe Schools where he graduated in 1960. Nelda was born September 23, 1941 in County Line, Texas to James Leonard and Selma (Sullivan) Redwine. She too, graduated from Muleshoe High School in 1960.
Robert and Nelda were high school sweethearts. They raised three children: Sheila Black, Curtis Hunt, and Tori Widner. They were both very active members in their community. They enjoyed many years of square dancing. They were both 4-H leaders and they were very active in the West Camp Activities Group.
Royce Turner, President of the Senior Center Board presented the award to Nelda and her many family members in attendance. It was given in honor and memory of them by their children.
If you are interested in sponsoring a family member or friend for this program or the Sponsor of the Week program, please call Royce or Carolyn at 806-272-4969.

Rhea Gonzales


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