April 13, 2024
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  • 4:26 pm When idols rot and topple over
  • 4:25 pm Not totally banned from viewing the eclipse
  • 4:25 pm It’s National Library Week in Muleshoe
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The Muleshoe Mules’ JV track team competed at the Olton Winter Relays at Olton High School on Friday placing third with 114 points.
Individual results are as follows:
Boy’s 100-meter dash
3rd Francisco Reyes 12.86
4th Matthew Vargas 12.98
Boy’s 200-meter dash
10th Tate Shipman 28.18
11th Christian Fabela 28.44
14th Davian McMullen 29.21
Boy’s 400-meter dash
9th Juan Simental 1:04.60
12th Geovanny Pelayo-Sanchez 1:05.97
Boy’s 800-meter run
1st Jesse Toscano 2:16.82
Boy’s 1,600-meter run
3rd Chris Urbina 6:03.00
Boy’s 110-meter hurdles
1st Justin Dyck 20.48
2nd Anthony Ngo 22.20
Boy’s 300-meter hurdles
2nd Justin Dyck 54.52
3rd Anthony Ngo 58.70
Boy’s 4×100-meter relay
1st Vargas, Irvin Torres, Francisco Reyes and Judas Reyes 48.03
Boy’s 4×200-meter relay
2nd Jeremiah Barron, Torres, Vargas and Judas Reyes 1:42.63
Boys’s 4×400-meter relay
2nd Torres, Barron, Joey Martinez and Judas Reyes 3:57.56
Boy’s Shot Put
5th Victor Morales 30-04.50
8th Eddie Estraca 29-05.50
Boy’s Discus
5th Brayan Martinez 81-05.50
Boy’s High Jump
1st Bryson Woodard 5-00.00
Boy’s Pole Vault
2nd Ryan Clifton 7-00.00
Boy’s Long Jump
2nd Irvin Torres 17-03.50
The Mules JV track team will be competing on Friday and Saturday at Panhandle.

The Muleshoe varisty track teams competed at the Muleshoe Relays on Feb. 28th with the Lady Mules taking second place with 73 points and the Mules placing third with 59 points.
Individual results are as follows:
Girl’s Distance Medley Relay
3rd Margarita McCrary, Heather Chavez, Alejandra Medina, Mikaela Haseloff 15:42.37
4th Zaira Bustillos, Valeria Cruz, Zabry Haseloff and Jocelyn Villa 16:41.76
Boy’s Distance Medley Relay
4th Jesse Toscano, Joey Martinez, Bryan Hernandez and Tristan Solalinde 33:06.42
Girl’s Sprint Medley Relay
3rd Sarah Vaquera, Kristina Arzola, Heather Chavez and Zabry Haseloff 5:07.34
Boy’s Sprint Medley Relay
3rd Fabela, Jesus Montiel, Julian Elizalde and Toscano 4:11.58
Girl’s 4×100-meter relay
2nd Jordan Zapata, Natalie Ambriz, Genesis Vasquez and Anahi Barrera 53.24
12th Anastasia Soto, Leslie Regalado, Grace Leal and Kayla Soto 1:05.47
Boy’s 4×100-meter relay
2nd Christian Bustillos, Ozzy Nunez, Brandon Ramirez and Aaron Venzor 45.53
6th Matthew Vargas, Judas Reyes, Irvin Torres and Matthew Fabela 47.22
Girl’s 4×200-meter relay
2nd Ambriz, Barrera, Vasquez and Zapata 1:55.29
Boy’s 4×200-meter relay
2nd Nunez, Venzor, Ramirez and Eli Macias 1:34.90
10th Francisco Reyes, Juan Simental, Ed Lopez and Fabela 1:47.17
Girl’s 4×400-meter relay
2nd Soto, Zabry Haseloff, Barrera and Kylee Villa 4:29.29
5th Vasquez, Ambriz, Mikaela Haseloff and Maddison Zapata 4:41.46
Boy’s 4×400-meter relay
1st Ramirez, Venzor, Nunez and Macias 3:37.15
9th Davian McMullen, Torres, Reyes and Jeremiah Barron 4:02.18
Girl’s 4×800-meter relay
1st Medina, Villa, Didi Esquivel and McCrary 12:06.04
Girl’s High Jump
2nd Ambriz 4-10.00
Boy’s High Jump
3rd Aaron Venzor 5-04.00
Girl’s Long Jump
1st Barrera 15-09.00
Boy’s Long Jump
2nd Nunez 18-5.00
Girl’s Shot Put
8th Kendra Kelley 22-05.50
Boy’s Shot Put
6th Victor Morales 28-11.00
Girl’s Discus
4th Kristina Arzola 71-01.00
Boy’s Discus
6th Jacob Reyes 72-04.50

The Muleshoe Mules and Lady Mules’ varsity track teams competed at the Olton Winter Relays on Friday with the girls placing first with 193 points and the boys finishing tied for fourth with 49 points.
Individual results are as follows:
Girl’s 100-meter dash
7th Genesis Vasquez 15.05
13th Jordan Zapata 15.48
17th Ashley Cerecerec 15.62
Boy’s 100-meter dash
10th Jesus Montiel 12.86
18th Matthew Fabela 13.99
Girl’s 200-meter dash
1st Anahi Barrera 27.58
4th Natalie Ambriz 29.36
8th Jordan Zapata 31.93
10th Valeria Cruz 32.13
Girl’s 400-meter dash
1st Kylee Villa 1:08.58
2nd Heather Chavez 1:08.84
5th Maddison Zapata 1:14.93
8th Margarita McCrary 1:15.66
Boy’s 400-meter dash
1st Brandon Ramirez 54.18
4th Jesus Montiel 57.39
Girl’s 800-meter run
1st Kylee Villa 2:39.46
6th Maddison Zapata 2:55.16
7th Mikaela Haseloff 2:58.45
8th Margarita McCrary 2:59.36
10th Jocelyn Villa 3:01.00
Girl’s 1,600-meter run
4th Alejandra Medina 6:41.17
Girl’s 3,200-meter run
1st Alejandra Medina 14:12.46
3rd Mikaela Haseloff 14:57.25
6th Sarah Gloria 16:00.00
Girl’s 100-meter hurdles
1st Valeria Cruz 20.82
2nd Zabry Haseloff 21.77
Girl’s 300-meter hurdles
1st Zabry Haseloff 53.33
Girl’s 4×100-meter relay
2nd Genesis Vasquez, Anastasia Soto, Kayla Soto and Chavez 55.74
Boy’s 4×100-meter relay
2nd Eli Macias, Cristian Bustillos, Aaron Venzor and Ozzy Nunez 46.98
Girl’s 4×200-meter relay
1st Chavez, Anastasia Soto, Barrera and Ambriz 1:58.40
Boy’s 4×200-meter relay
1st Brandon Ramirez, Macias, Venzor and Nunez 1:36.21
Girl’s 4×400-meter relay
1st Zabry Haseloff, Barrera, Ambriz and Villa 4:36.61
Boys’s 4×400-meter relay
1st Venzor, Nunez, Macias and Ramirez 3:39.56
Girl’s Discus
2nd Kristina Arzola 79-00.50
5th Ashton Hardwick 73-03
6th Carlee Price 71-09
Girl’s High Jump
1st Natalie Ambriz 5-00.00
Girl’s Long Jump
1st Anahi Barrera 16-08.00
2nd Natalie Ambriz 15-10.50
Girl’s Triple Jump
2nd Kylee Villa 28-04.25
5th Kayla Soto 27-07.00
The Mules and Lady Mules varisty track teams will be competing on Friday and Saturday at Panhandle.



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