April 13, 2024
  • 4:26 pm The eclipse was much ado about nothing at my house
  • 4:26 pm When idols rot and topple over
  • 4:25 pm Not totally banned from viewing the eclipse
  • 4:25 pm It’s National Library Week in Muleshoe
  • 4:23 pm Council approves election judges, adjourns for closed session

By Gail M. Williams
Muleshoe Journal Correspondent

With the onset of COVID-19 in the United States, people are seeking ways to interact with others while maintaining social distance.
One popular activity is the Bear Hunt in honor of the 25th Anniversary of the book “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” by Michael Rosen. A video of Rosen reading the story is available at https://youtu.be/0gyI6ykDwds.
According to a Muleshoe Area Public Library Facebook post, every business and home is encouraged to participate:
“Bring out that old stuffed bear and place it in a window which is visible from the road. Take your kids on a hunt; snap a photo of the bear in the window.

“Also, send your photos to our messenger on this page, and we will post them here for everyone to see the fun going on in Muleshoe!
“Kids, of all ages are encouraged to participate! That includes those ‘cool teenagers’!”
“We’ve had a wonderful response,” said Dyan Dunagan, library director. “Adults are loving it as much as the kids.”
A recent challenge posted on Facebook asked Bear Hunters to post the number of bears they have found.
“But only bears are counted,” Dunagan said. “Monkeys and Easter bunnies do not qualify.”
To access the library on Facebook, search for Muleshoe Area Public Library.
Options for Reading at Home
During times of isolation and/or quarantine, books and audio books are a great distraction. Muleshoe Area Public Library has a solution in Libby, an app for eBooks and audio books.
A Facebook notice says, “If you haven’t signed up for Libby/OverDrive we’re going to make it easier for you during this time – just give us a call at 806-272-4707, give us your library card number, and we’ll get you set up!”
This option is only available by phone to people who already have existing library cards. Those who don’t have a card will have to come by the library at 322 W. 2nd Street.
Library Open with Modifications
Muleshoe Area Public Library remains open at this time, but modifications have been made in the interest of public safety.
“Traffic has been a little lighter, except for those who don’t have the Internet at home,” said Dyan Dunagan, library director. “We have rules for what has to be done for the kids to be safe.”
Two computers have been taken out, and all chairs have been removed from tables in order to encourage social distancing.
Rules have been posted on the library’s Facebook page, including the following for WiFi use:
Children under the age of 10 must be supervised by an adult.
Children over the age of 10 must be checked in by one of the library staff. You will need to get the password and make sure your child is hooked on to our WiFi. Our staff cannot touch your child’s device. We will need a phone number to contact you if there is a problem.
We do have rules that will be enforced.
Space is limited and if we have to turn you away, we will give you the password to our WiFi, and you can use it from your vehicle.
Please remember that others will be needing to use our facility; we can’t accommodate your child all day.
Our WiFi is NOT filtered. We only have two public computers; children must bring their own devices.
General rules for children in the library emphasize that children must be supervised at all times, that patrons must respect library property including items on display such as stuffed bears and animals, that no food and drink are allowed, and no roughhousing will be tolerated.
The sign adds, “The library staff will give three warnings. After that, you and your children will be told to leave the library.”



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