September 21, 2023
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  • 8:46 am An inconvenience or an adventure?
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  • 8:43 am REVIEW: Murderers haven’t a ghost of a chance against Hercule Poirot

By Gail M. Williams
Muleshoe Journal Correspondent

Not only have necessities such as toilet paper and paper towel been flying off the shelves, they’ve been flying off the trucks, according to Rene Valle, Family Dollar store manager in Muleshoe.
“We haven’t stocked anything in over three weeks. They’ve been grabbing it as it comes off the truck,” he said.
Often, senior citizens ask for these supplies, only to be told there are none left.
“It breaks my heart, the look on their faces,” Valle said. “I told my teammate, the next big paper truck that comes in, I’m going to buy some for those seniors.”
Using his own money, Valle bought the supplies and delivered them to the Harmon Elliott Complex. He was able to supply one bag for each resident, a total of about 50 bags containing two rolls of paper towels and four rolls of toilet paper.
Resident Carol Kennemer expressed her gratitude to Valle.
“There’s absolutely a short supply all over town,” she said. “A lot of us out here don’t even have a car and can’t go to the stores. He just felt like he needed to bring that to us. He’s a special young man.”
“If the situation doesn’t improve, I probably will do the same thing over again,” Valle said. “I just hate to say no to them.”



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