June 18, 2021
  • 5:26 pm Former Bailey Co. sheriff’s deputy, family members arrested on drug charges
  • 5:17 pm Muleshoe 9-1-1 call about shooting proven false
  • 11:04 am Muleshoe residents vying for mayoral seat
  • 8:27 pm 1 dead, 1 injured in crash near Farwell
  • 3:49 pm Muleshoe band director on administrative leave after allegations of misconduct with a student

with Derek Lopez

I had planned to write another column shortly after the boys went home, but I just haven’t been able to bring myself to do it.
The boys went home two weeks ago, and the house is just to quiet. I miss the ruckus, and having them say watch this or look at what I can do, or Baby D saying Derek lets play catch.
After having them to take care of for nine months, then going back to empty nesters, it has been kind of rough. This is also the longest we’ve gone (not by choice) without having another child placed with us. With our previous kids, we didn’t have to wait very long before we got to meet the next one.
We did get to see a picture of Baby A and videos of Baby D and Bubs riding the bikes we gave them that their dad sent me on the Wednesday after they had already gone home. We are hoping that we’ll get to stay in contact with them and will still get to see at least pictures and videos from time-to-time.
Those three little rascals took a big part of our hearts home with them on April 27th. I’ve had to go in their rooms a few times to put laundry up that got washed after they left or to put other things up, but other than that their doors have stayed closed.
Even though they aren’t with us anymore, I still call their bedrooms their rooms whenever we talk about our spare rooms, or getting something out of there.
We have gotten a few calls, but for on reason or another the placements didn’t happen. So we are just anxiously waiting for that next call. I have been up until the early morning since the boys left, and I really don’t know why. Before we had kids I would do the same thing, I just wasn’t tired at night, so I would stay up and watch TV, currently I’m re-watching Martin. Or, sometimes I’ll clean or re-organize the toy room and stuff.
I guess part of it is that I’m not tired because I’m not running around with the boys all afternoon, or that I’m bored, but sometimes I think self-consciously it’s that if I stay up long enough maybe the phone will ring for another placement.
We’ve been trying to make the most of having an empty house. Last weekend we broke down and bought a shampooer and shampooed the living room and it looks awesome. It was looking kind of rough between spills and the dogs bringing in dirt, but this is the first time where it has stayed clean almost a week later. Previously, when we used a rental or borrowed someone’s shampooer, it would come clean, but then the spots would come back just a few days later.
So fingers crossed, this shampooer did a better job and was hopefully able to pull more of those stains out then the other machines we’ve used in the past. We decided to finally put up a curtain on our front door that has a big oval piece of glass in the middle. We didn’t realize how much of a difference it was going to make, but man it sure is dark in the house now when we shut the door and no lights are on.
We also took all of the car seats out of the car and stripped them down so that we could wash the padding and wipe down the plastic and wash the cup holders. It’s amazing how many fallen snacks wind up in those seats, I swear I found a whole school of Goldfish in Baby A’s when I took it out. But, they look like brand new.
We also detailed the inside of our cars and they look like a million bucks as well…on the inside. It had been a while since we had deep cleaned both of our cars, but we got them done and cleaned out and ready to go. The only thing that I really need to do that I have been putting off is mowing the yard, the back yard is mostly dirt thanks to the dogs and the boys’ power wheels, but the front is starting to look a little shaggy.
Everything is starting to fall into place for us in our quest to find a bigger home…sort of. My parents, who will be moving here at the end of the year, God willing, are supposed to close on selling their house at the end of this month, again God willing, and then their plan is to purchase our house so that we can get into something a little bigger. Their house was supposed to go on the market at the first of April, but with COVID-19 putting a damper on pretty much everything, it got pushed back to the end of the month, which made my mom more stressed out then she already was with the situation. But luckily there Realtor, who is a good friend of ours, assured them that everything was going to be OK and sure enough he put a coming soon sign in the yard and two days later a woman came and saw it and fell in love with it and made an offer.
So once everything goes final on their house, their plan is to buy our house to move into when they come up here later this year. The house hunt is stressful, but we’re grateful that it’s my parents buying our house and they aren’t rushing us out, so that we have to settle for something we aren’t really sure if we love. Hopefully we will find our dream home and things will keep on falling into place, because when we move this time, unless one of us gets a job opportunity somewhere else, we don’t ever want to have to move again.
Our next goal is to get back on our lifestyle change that we had made before COVID-19 started. I had lost 20 lbs, but since COVID-19 happened and then we found out the boys were leaving, I’m right back to where I started. But I know I can do it, it’s just a matter of staying motivated and staying on track.
Other than that, I’m just praying for some kind of sports to come back on TV, because we’re running out of shows to watch.
We’re currently trying to binge watch the last three and a half seasons of Game of Thrones before our free trial of HBO Now ends on Tuesday, and after we finish that I’m not sure what I’ll watch.

Rhea Gonzales


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