July 3, 2020
  • 3:57 pm Making Muleshoe
  • 3:52 pm 1st coronavirus death reported in Bailey County
  • 3:44 pm Parade canceled; food vendors, fireworks still on
  • 3:43 pm Letter to the Editor
  • 3:41 pm St. Clair name prominent in town

We have a great staff at our Senior Citizen’s Center. They are all hard-working and go above and beyond the expectations set for them. I have been extremely pleased with how they have adapted to the changes we have had to make at the Center because of the Coronavirus. My plan is to highlight one of them each week in this section so you can get to know them better and be more aware of what they do to make our Center operate so smoothly.
Janis Morrison came on board as our Activities Director in February of 2019. She is widowed and is the mother of Casey Cowley, age 44 and Matt Cowley, age 42. She has 5 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.
Janis says she is blessed to have a wonderful family who is always there to support her.
Janis was raised by loving parents who taught her to love her God and her country, to help others, and to defend ideals that inspired and guided her. This type of upbringing is quite obvious in the work she does here.
Before coming to our Center, Janis was Activities Director at the Parkview Nursing Home here in Muleshoe. She was named employee of the month while working there. She was there for 15 years before retiring. We were thrilled when she agreed to come out of retirement to fill the position here.
Janis is very active in the Muleshoe 1st Methodist Church. She is a member of the choir and assists with the Food Pantry, the Snack Pack Ministry, and she is an Emmaus Volunteer. J
anis also serves on the Mission Committee and the staff, Pastor Parish Relations Committee.
After we had to temporarily close our doors and stop all activities because of the pandemic, Janis continued to work. She had no problem adjusting to changes in her job description. She is now an employee that does whatever needs to be done. From paperwork, to handling meal orders, to cleaning and keeping the Center looking great—she just works wherever needed.
Like all of us, she is anxious to get back to activity planning which is her real strength. She says her favorite part of the job is visiting and participating with the patrons.
Thank you Janis for a job well done!



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