May 28, 2024
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Meet Kaci Lee, Assistant Director at our Bailey County Senior Center. Kaci is a graduate of Hart High School. She is a licensed cosmetologist but works here at our center with a special knowledge of computers and bookkeeping. She has a daughter named Kaylee, age 14, who is her delight. She also has two older brothers, Rodney McDaniel and Todd McDaniel who live in this area.
Kaci has been working here at the center for almost two years. Previously she was the Latch Key Director at the Hereford Day Care Center.
Kaci says she loves working at our center and enjoys all of the Seniors she has had the privilege to work with. Kaci says her favorite part of the job is working with the people and the hardest part is all of the government paperwork. “But I enjoy doing that, too,” she said.
Kaci is responsible for pulling together our pamphlets for our Sponsor of the Week Program. Her abilities in photography and display are among her greatest strengths. Kaci adds value to our staff and works tirelessly for our center.
Like all of us, Kaci has had some set-backs in her life and some hard times. But we all love Kaci who is true to herself and her family. She is a woman of boldness and courage. We are blessed to have her at our center.



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