July 6, 2020
  • 3:57 pm Making Muleshoe
  • 3:52 pm 1st coronavirus death reported in Bailey County
  • 3:44 pm Parade canceled; food vendors, fireworks still on
  • 3:43 pm Letter to the Editor
  • 3:41 pm St. Clair name prominent in town

Today we are introducing Marion Dooley, staff member at the Bailey County Senior Center. In addition to her job, Marion is a wife and mother. She has been married to Howard Dooley for 18 years. They live in Muleshoe. She has 2 sons: Michael Bennett, age 29, who lives in Fritch, TX and Preston Dooley, age 17, who lives in the home in Muleshoe.
Some 7 years ago Marion Dooley was hired to assist in the kitchen at the Bailey County Senior Center. She proved herself to be a very hard worker and dedicated employee. She worked where she was needed, when she was needed, and no job was too big or too small for her.
In 2016, she was promoted to Head Cook, the top position in the kitchen. But Marion does so much more than just cook. She is responsible for planning the daily meals each week. She is also responsible for ordering all of the food needed for the meals. She oversees all of the paperwork each month concerning food preparation for the South Plains Association of Governments. Marion’s responsibilities also include sanitation and cleanliness of the kitchen, planning and assisting with fundraisers where food is involved, and now ordering all additional supplies needed for our new drive-thru service and home delivery service.
It’s not unusual to see Marion at the center at 5:00 a.m. or 9:00 p.m. Nor is it unusual to see her there during the weekends. She has a work ethic that is rarely seen in many employees today.
But the best thing I can tell you about Marion is that she knows how to cook. The food is always great. Some say it’s because she does it every day and she’s just got it perfected. I say she puts a lot of love into it because she not only loves her job but she loves our special seniors that she feeds each day.
How fortunate we are to have her at our center!



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