February 23, 2024
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Staff Reports

Bailey County COVID-19 case counts were up to 57 active cases as of numbers reported Wednesday afternoon by the Muleshoe/Bailey County Emergency Mgmt. Facebook page.

A total of 86 cases have been reported in Bailey with 29 reported recoveries. A total of 435 COVID-19 tests have been administered locally.

More than half of the reported cases are associated with exposure at the Bailey County Jail. The news release states that they’re jailers, inmates or families of jailers.

All 87 inmates were tested after the discovery that some jailers had tested positive for the virus earlier this month, according to statements posted by the Emergency Management Facebook page, which was created to become the information disbursement hub for the county. Thirty-six cases were confirmed among the inmates so they were separated into group cells of positive and negative pods to stop the spread.

The jail has also taken steps to stop inmates from going in or out of the jail. Those who are arrested are being transported to different jails in surrounding counties.

In his weekly address to the community, Police Chief Gary McHone said there is no hot spot in the community. He also noted that case counts are anticipated to keep growing.

Citizens are urged to continue taking precautions like wearing masks in public, practicing social distancing, sanitizing frequently and maintaining good hand hygiene.

“In order to combat that and keep numbers low, continue to practice social distancing,” he said. “This is going to drastically keep those numbers as low as possible.”

He also noted that anyone interested in keeping up with emergency notices for Bailey County, including COVID-19 activity, is encouraged to follow the Facebook page.



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