April 16, 2021
  • 8:27 pm 1 dead, 1 injured in crash near Farwell
  • 3:49 pm Muleshoe band director on administrative leave after allegations of misconduct with a student
  • 7:33 pm Several injuries reported after bus crash in Bailey County
  • 10:21 am Obituary: Ricky Dale Rasco
  • 5:13 pm Obituary: Benjamin Nelson Brock

Staff Reports

Bailey County is up to 46 total confirmed cases of COVID-19.
So far, 25 people have recovered and there are 21 active cases in the county. A total of 421 tests have been conducted.
A news release from County Attorney Jackie Claborn, which was posted on the Baily County Courthouse Facebook page last week, states that the city will start posting daily updates on COVID-19 activity. The information will be posted to the Muleshoe/Bailey County Emergency Mgmt Facebook page by 5 p.m. every day.
In a video posted on that Facebook page on Thursday, Muleshoe Police Chief Gary McHone stated that the Emergency Mgmt. page will now become the central information hub regarding COVID-19 updates for Bailey County.
McHone said he hopes it will help people avoid confusion prompted by the flow of information from multiple sources.
No information will be released regarding exposure sites unless it’s determined there’s a risk of public exposure.
In McHone’s latest video, he encouraged citizens to take precautions – wear masks and sanitize areas of frequent traffic. He also encouraged people to tune in to the page on Thursday to see his next update.



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