September 30, 2022
  • 5:25 pm Roger Maris leaves behind a record without an asterisk
  • 5:24 pm Texas gubernatorial debate to be televised across Nexstar stations
  • 5:23 pm Muleshoe Journal/Plainview Herald South Plains Stats Leaders through week five
  • 5:22 pm Fair booth with local ties hopes for continued community support
  • 5:19 pm One Guy From Italy doing Pizza Roulette for Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month

The 4th of July is such a special day. It makes us think of our freedom and allows us to show our pride of country. Muleshoe residents did just that this year and the happening place seemed to be the Bailey County Senior Center. The canceling of the annual parade was a disappointment but it didn’t stop our staff, our board directors, and our volunteers from going ahead with this annual celebration of this great country’s independence.
Muleshoe residents had 3 choices for the Bar BQ brisket meal. They were Home Delivery, Drive-Thru, or Dining Inside. Although attendees were asked to social distance, use face coverings, and have temperatures checked before entering—dining inside made up the largest crowd. We served 125 at the Drive-Thru, we delivered some 38 meals. And we served a total of 134 inside. The grand total meals served were 297.
In addition to the meals, the indoor dining featured live music by Tom Skinner from Lubbock. Tom entertained the crowd with patriotic songs and country & western music.
Many participants said that it was worth coming to the center just to see the building bursting with red, white, and blue decorations. The Decorating Committee, chaired by Elaine Case did an outstanding job of getting everyone in the mood for the event.
Kaci Lee, Janis Morrison, Helen Cook, Marie Brown, and Elaine Case also worked together to put up the “Wall of Honor” at the center, showcasing local veterans both living and deceased who have served this country. 100+ pictures grace this wall.
The Bara Family had generational veteran pictures depicting Great Grandfather who served in World War 1, Grandfather, Father, 2 sons. Lots of sharing of military stories and family pride could be heard around the wall.
The event was capped off by an online and live auction of baked goods, gift certificates, art work by Ann Johnson and various other items.
Like everything else, this 4th of July Celebration was a little different as we battle the effects of the coronavirus. We would like to extend a special “thank you” to everyone who supported this event in any way. Whether you gave of your time, your presence or your finances—you are appreciated!



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