September 19, 2020
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By Carolyn Johnson

There is a delight that comes with helping other people. Many great acts of love are often done by those who are habitually performing small acts of kindness.
In the last few months we have witnessed such people through our volunteer program here at our Senior Center. We have always had and been thankful for a handful of faithful volunteers who give of their time to work on a project, to lead a certain activity or to just sit and be a friend to those in need.
Since the pandemic has come to our town, we are doing things a little differently at the Center. Before the pandemic, we served one meal a day inside the building and everyone came in to eat and socialize. But now, meal time has turned in to three different methods of service: (1) Dine In, (2) Drive Thru and (3) Home Delivery. As a result, it takes a lot more effort to do what was once a moderate task where our meal service was concerned.
But we couldn’t turn a deaf ear to our seniors. We called for volunteers to help with the meals so every senior could be adequately nourished. We also called for volunteers to work different areas, inside and outside so we could feel comfortable that the needs of all of our seniors were being met.
We began the different meal service on March 23rd. To date, we are on week #20. From March 23rd to the end of week 20, we have served a total of 10,509 meals. This shows the real need we have in this community for such a program. Those numbers also make it obvious that those volunteers have worked with us every day since the program started. All of the volunteers have been needed and we can’t thank them enough for the help they have given to us.

Below is a list of our volunteer jobs at the Senior Center. If you have an interest in helping us, in any way, just call us at 806-272-4969. We would love to get it where every volunteer works only a few hours one day a week.
Volunteer Jobs Where Help is Needed
(1) Recording Temperature of Patrons
(2) Working Money Box and selling Tickets (inside table)
(3) Sanitizing Tables and Chairs after each use
(4) Helping Bag Up Food in kitchen after containers are sealed
(5) Deliver Food Bags to cars at Drive-Thru
(6) Working route to get food bags to Home Delivery
We Thank and appreciate the following volunteers who are currently helping with our program. If you see any of them, let them know their time and service is appreciated. Each of them is making a difference in the life of another.
Volunteers at Bailey County Senior Center meal Program:
Royce Turner
Debbie Kemp
Jerry Ruthardt
Diane Brown
Lucy Bachicha
Jennifer Givens
Marie Brown
Darlene Pierce
Nina Landers
Darlene Martin
Elaine Case
Kathy Carr
Marshall Cook
LeeAnn Helton
Helen Cook
Debbie Black
Earl Belrens
Gil Rennels
Betty Innes
Kenneth Henry
Darlene Henry



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