October 18, 2021
  • 9:43 pm Sammie Simpson Day at the Heritage Center
  • 9:38 pm Mules head into off week looking to regroup
  • 9:35 pm “In a ‘Deepfake’ World, Who Can We Trust?”
  • 9:33 pm Senior Center—Meeting the Needs
  • 9:31 pm MISD, Shelby’s Bridge partner to help students learn workforce skills

Unemployment benefit recipients can no longer claim the COVID-19 pandemic as reason for refusal of employment.

State and federal laws require recipients to actively seek employment. Refusing a suitable offer can result in loss of benefits starting the week of June 26, according to a news release from the Texas Workforce Commission.

About one year ago, TWC issued guidance stating that high risk for COVID-19 was a suitable reason to decline a job offer. Due to the decline of cases in Texas, the widespread availability of vaccinations and the greater availability of services, the guidance is outdated, according to the news release.  

Ellysa Harris

Muleshoe Journal


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