December 4, 2021
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Provided by Carolyn Johnson

                Kaci Lee worked as Assistant Director for a little over three years at the Bailey County Senior Citizens Center. As the former director, I was blessed to work with Kaci. Whatever the task, she does it well. And when Kaci works, she gives the best that is in her.

                Just last Friday, Board President Royce Turner announced that Kaci had been selected as the new Director. I was delighted because having worked so closely with her, I knew she would add value to the staff and work tirelessly for our center.

                Kaci graduated from Hart High School in Hart, Texas. She is the mom of Kaylee who will be 16 in August. Besides Kaylee, Kaci’s family includes her mother Cindy Lilley, two brothers and a sister.

                Kaci moved from Hereford to Lazbuddie in 2018. She heard that there was an opening at the Bailey County Senior Citizen’s Center. She applied, got the job, and has worked there now for over three years.

                Kaci previously worked at Hereford Daycare. In just a short time there, she was the Latchkey Director. While doing this job she also attended and graduated from Exposito Cosmetology School of Hair Design in Amarillo, TX. Kaci admits that she loves working with and experimenting with hair—especially her own. She adds that her hair has been every color of the rainbow. Some colors were purposely done. But some were mistakes. Kaci is definitely her own person!

                Kaci is an avid reader and a computer whiz. In her past-time she loves to do all types of arts and crafts.

                Kaci attends church at Restored Christian Fellowship of Dimmitt. Her oldest brother, Todd McDaniel, is the pastor of this church.

                Kaci says she loves working at our center. She sees our membership as just another family to her. She loves all of the members and sees our operation as a life-line for so many of the seniors who come here. “I want to be a part of that,” Kaci explained.

                She admits that she often feels the members do more for her than she does for them. Their wisdom, their strength, and their stories always lift her up and gives her consistency of purpose.

                Kaci is a dog lover and presently has three dogs: Maggie, Sparrow, and Teeter. They add excitement and sometimes problem solving to her and Kaylee’s life.

                Kaci’s job presently entails bookkeeping and accounting. She basically does all of the government paperwork required monthly from our center to the South Plains Association of Governments in Lubbock. Her late father was a CPA. Kaci admitted that he was a major influence in teaching her at a young age the importance of detail and accuracy.

                Her abilities in photography and display are also among her strengths. Kaci knows that the real satisfaction in life comes not from money and things, but from the realization of a job well done.

                We all love Kaci at our center. She is true to herself, her family, and her work family at the Bailey County Senior Center. She is a woman of boldness and courage. In the three years I have worked with Kaci, she has learned just how much there is to learning. As the new Director she understands that she cannot be just simply good, but she must be good for something. No doubt, Kaci is good for so many things at the center. She sees her obligation of duty as her pleasure of work. And her best work has yet to be done!

Carolyn Johnson

Bailey County Senior Citizens Center


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