April 13, 2024
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  • 4:26 pm When idols rot and topple over
  • 4:25 pm Not totally banned from viewing the eclipse
  • 4:25 pm It’s National Library Week in Muleshoe
  • 4:23 pm Council approves election judges, adjourns for closed session
Photo provided by Gail M. Williams

Dr. Eli Leal was first introduced to the chiropractic profession as a multi-sport athlete at Muleshoe High School.

“I played football, basketball, golf, tennis, baseball and track,” he said. “Chiropractic was super beneficial to keep me aligned and adjusted.”

Leal’s grandfather Jesse Leal was another reason he was drawn to the profession.

“Grandpa went to the chiropractor regularly,” Leal said. “After he’d been to the chiropractor, even on his worst days, he was in the best shape I’d see him in. I saw that it was a profession that can actually heal people, spiritually, emotionally and physically. That kind of reeled me into it.”

After graduating from high school in 2014, Leal attended Angelo State University for three years before transferring to Parker University in Dallas where he received his chiropractic license. He is currently working as an associate with Dr. Joshua Partain at his clinic while waiting for insurance credentials. Once that happens, the clinic’s name will change to change to Dr. Leal Chiropractic.

“Dr. Partain called me toward the end of my education and said he would be moving his life over to Lubbock. Coming back home to the place that raised me, close to the people that helped support me growing up, seemed like the thing to do,” he said.

Though the practice of chiropractics remains much the same as it always was, the emphasis has changed.

 “The main focus is the functionality of the way people move,” Leal said. “It’s about getting the connection from brain to body in the way they move and eat, helping them find better habits and re-educating to keep them mindful and free of pain.”

For Leal, the most satisfying part of being a chiropractor is the instant gratification, the relief people feel after they get adjusted.

“Most of the time they leave in less pain, they walk out with smile and a sense of relief,” he said. “It’s a real special thing that happens.”

Partain Chiropractic is located at 1106 W. American Blvd. in Muleshoe.

Gail M. Williams

Muleshoe Journal Correspondent


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