February 26, 2024
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Provided by Carolyn Johnson

None of us are ever promised another new day. Therefore, we must get the most that we can out of the one we are now in.  This thought kept running through my mind this past Saturday as I participated in the Senior Citizen’s Center’s Pancake Breakfast and first ever Corn Hole Tournament.

When I first moved to Muleshoe, I was shown photos of Main Street back in the fifties.  The pictures showed the town packed with cars at every business and very few parking spaces empty.  I remember thinking, “WOW—wouldn’t it be great to see that much activity in this town again?”

As the Corn Hole Tournament was beginning, I walked to the front of the

building and just happened to look outside.  A big smile came on my face as I was greatly surprised to see that every parking space within a 3-block area was taken.

I then looked around inside and saw a large crowd of people eating, visiting, practicing for the tournament—–just having a great time!  They were of all ages but they all seemed to be enjoying the day together that they had been given.

A pancake breakfast and a corn hole tournament sounds like such a small pleasure.  But Muleshoeites, just like all Texans are vaccination and isolation weary.  We are all tired of the limitations put on us by this pandemic.  We are itching for adventure, fun and fellowship. It is just in our DNA.  We know; however, that small things can have very large outcomes.  We are always glad to open our Center for those who want to come and be a part.

Our Center has experienced some changes and we are taking a long look at planning and preparing some new and different activities.  There are all the classic reasons for doing this – the awe, the fun, and the fellowship.  But the mental and physical well-being it brings to our Seniors is the most important.

 Days like Saturday takes us back to our roots and allow us to recall some of the best days of our lives.  It allows many to look back to their childhood in a small West Texas town and remember days filled with love, laughter, and precious memories.

We had a total of 30 people (15 teams) entering the corn hole tournament.

We would like to recognize the top two teams who received cash prizes.  The second-place team was Vera and Dominic Flores and the first-place winners were David and Stephen Dominguez. Congratulations to the four of you.

We would like to thank everyone who helped us and participated in our day. It takes all of us working together to keep our Center going.  The donations you give to us at such events are always appreciated.  If you are interested in becoming a part of our Center or if you would like to help support what we do, please stop by or call us at 806-272-4969.     

Carolyn Johnson

Bailey County Senior Citizen Center


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