November 28, 2022
  • 2:32 pm Wellington knocks Sudan out of playoffs
  • 2:31 pm Virtual AgriLife Crop Production and Protection Seminar set for December
  • 2:30 pm Bailey County elects new officer team
  • 2:27 pm FSA accepting offers for state acres for wildlife enhancement intiatives
  • 2:26 pm Thanksgiving is the Forgotten Holiday

Xcel Energy is looking to fill its open meter reader positions to reduce the workload for its current readers.  

Due to the limited number of readers, some meters aren’t measured as consistently as they should be. This can lead to inaccurate readings on one bill then a much higher bill on the next cycle when the meter gets read again.  

Xcel has had difficulty filling certain jobs during the pandemic, which includes meter reader positions.  

The company has established a play to increase the pay of meter readers to help recruit new employees and retain the employees it current has.  

Customers affected by higher-than-normal energy bills are encouraged to work out payment plans that can be stretched across several months. To contact a representative, call 1-800-899-4999.  

Nathan Giese, Muleshoe Journal


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