August 16, 2022
  • 10:42 am Suspect at large following deadly Sunday night shooting in Clovis
  • 6:54 pm Muleshoe CTA welcomes new teachers with breakfast and goody bags
  • 6:53 pm ‘The light shines in the darkness’
  • 6:52 pm Muleshoe City Council considers lower tax rate
  • 6:51 pm Faith Across the World: Saul’s story

Provided by Bailey County Senior Center

                All of us who work here at the Bailey County Senior Citizens Center have one key goal—to keep our center open and functioning for the senior citizens who come to our center for fun, fellowship, and a good healthy meal each day. Our employees, however, are not the only ones to make this happen. We have a great group of volunteers who are always eager to participate and help out when needed.

                Our volunteers do a variety of jobs here at the center and we couldn’t function without them. We encourage anyone who has a desire to get involved in any way to do so.

                The volunteer opportunities we provide include: (1) Providing entertainment for our members noon meal (2) Assisting the Director or Activities Director in carrying out responsibilities (3) Helping in the kitchen to assist the cooks, wrap silverware, etc. (4) Helping serve food trays or drinks to those who are in attendance (5) Help in keeping the facility neat and clean (6) Conducting an arts & craft activity for a group or (7) Even presenting  program on a topic the seniors need to learn about.

                The Muleshoe Art Association volunteers each month to assist all who want to participate in doing a painting of some type. It is great to see all of the works that our very own seniors can take pride in. The Art Association also keeps a sample of their paintings from their monthly meetings on display at our center for our seniors to enjoy.

                There are just so many ways one can give of their time, talents, and abilities. Most of our volunteers tell us the volunteering gives them purpose and many just want to help out for a good cause! We are always eager to work with our Volunteers and appreciate their ideas and help. Call Kaci Lee or Royce Turner at 806-272-4969 with any questions.

                Monday, September 13th will be our next board meeting. It is held at our Senior Center at 12:30 pm. The public is always invited. We have 3 members who will be going off the board and will possibly add 2 additional members if the board so approves. Elections will be taking place later this month. We encourage anyone who is interested in a board position to please contact us before that meeting. We are always interested in those in our community who have an interest in our senior citizens and are willing to be a participant to make it even better. 

                Many of you participated in the Vaccination Clinic we held at our center beginning of this year. Thousands were given the vaccination at our facility by our local doctors, hospital personnel, EMTs and pharmacists. We, at the center, provided the location and set the appointments to get the people in for the vaccination.

                Well folks, we’re ready to do it again! But this time we will be offering the Covid19 booster shots. We will begin in just a few weeks and will conduct this just as we did the Covid vaccine. Please call our number at 806-272-4969 to register for the booster. The first registered will be called and set a date and time as soon as the booster vaccine begins.

                You may be asking, “Should I really need to take a booster shot”? I can’t answer that question but I can give you information from the Mayo Clinic News Network. They explained it this way, “A booster vaccine is intended to be a reminder to your immune system. Right now, we’re in a situation where we can see that over time, immunity that people achieve from Covid 19 vaccine does start to wane. The good news is that it’s mostly waning against mild infection. We still do have protection from those early vaccine doses against severe infection. But we want to stop transmission and we want to keep people from getting any form of infection. So, boosters are going to be recommended for everyone.” Again, please call 806-272-4969 for more information.

                I would be remiss if I didn’t mention another event at our center which is a first! On Saturday, September 18th at 5:00 pm, the very first wedding ever held at our center will happen. Royce Turner, who is President of our Board and I, Carolyn Johnson, who served almost 3 years as Center Director will be married there. We will walk down the aisle of a beautifully decorated center and vow our lives to each other forever. A reception party and dance will follow the wedding at the same location. All family, friends, and center members are invited to be a part of this celebration.

                No, it is never dull at our center. And that is what we strive for. If you haven’t been to our facility, just stop by and visit with us. You might just be surprised at all that happens there!

Carolyn Johnson

Bailey County Senior Citizens Center


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