February 27, 2024
  • 5:01 pm Here’s where you can vote early for the primary elections in Bailey County
  • 5:00 pm ‘The Tourist’ draws us in with mystery, intriguing characters and offbeat humor
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  • 4:58 pm Appreciate your election officials, get out and vote
  • 4:57 pm Zeta Rho tours Dani Heathington Activity Center

          HHC announced a plan to begin offering Covid-19 booster shots this fall. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices will continue to meet and make further recommendations on these boosters for the public.

          The goal is for our people to start receiving a Covid-19 booster shot this fall with individuals being eligible 8 months after they received the Pfizer shots given at our center.

          President Biden initially said that those who had either Pfizer of Moderna RNA vaccinations would be eligible for booster shots with immunocompromised individuals or health care workers given priority. Pfizer, however, is the only Covid-19 vaccine manufacturer to secure full FDA approval for its vaccine.

          Many of our hometown heroes (doctors, nurses, city police, county deputies, hospital staff, EMTs, etc.) participated beginning of this year in giving out the shots for the initial vaccination which was held at our center. We want to thank everyone who participated to give thousands of vaccines to those who need them.

          After being in the hospital at UMC Lubbock 2 months and having gone through 4 months of rehab because of Covid, I have been termed a “long-hauler” in Covid terminology. I get calls periodically from the CDC asking about the problems I still have and the near-death experience that Covid brought to me.

          I had Covid 19 before any vaccine shot had been approved. I was, however, among the many to take the vaccine as soon as it was available. I will definitely take the booster as soon as I can.

          Many have told me Covid symptoms for them was very similar to just a mild case of the flu. Many cases are. But a compromised immune system, as mine was, can turn that mild flu into a full-blown health risk.

          If you are interested in getting the Booster shot—call us at 806-272-4969. We will put your name on the list to receive it. You will then be called as soon as the booster shots will begin here in Muleshoe. This will be another event that will be a “first” for out Center. We are thrilled to be a part of it.

          Another “first” to happen soon is a wedding to be held at the Bailey County Senior Citizens Center. Many of you already know Royce Turner and I will be married at the center this Saturday, September 18th at 5:00 p.m. Like everything we have at the center, we have planned it to be a big event. A traditional wedding will be held, followed by a reception party and a dance. We invite you to come and be a part of our celebration.

Carolyn Johnson

Bailey County Senior Citizens Center


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