May 18, 2024
  • 3:18 pm Several area seniors receive AgTexas scholarships
  • 3:17 pm 8 area students receive Five Area Connect Scholarships
  • 3:14 pm Muleshoe City Council considers childcare facility tax exemption
  • 3:14 pm This is what the Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge Expansion means for landowners
  • 3:13 pm Muleshoe Art Association holds last meeting of the year

 The Bailey County Senior Citizens Center has been operating since 2001. It is a nonprofit organization. Our mission is to create and/or improve the wellbeing of our Senior population in the areas of physical, mental, and spiritual health. By daily providing social and behavioral support, we cancel out loneliness and isolation as we enhance the wellbeing of the Senior participants in our area. 

     We have so many wonderful people who come to our center daily to enjoy the food and the fellowship. The staff seems to love them all and they diligently work to provide tasty, healthy meals and fun activities for them to participate in as they socialize with each other. 

     Yes, like in any group gathering with people, we have a few old “sore heads.” But our staff loves them, too. Our goal is to treat them so kindly that they keep coming back! So far — it has worked! 

As I write this article, I am sitting on my back porch with my dog, Scamp. I love all animals, dogs being my favorite. Dogs happen to be very smart. And, of course, I think mine is among the smartest! 

     My home has always had a dog in it. A dog is a homogeneous commodity. Each one is a unique individual and in these differences lies the challenge in understanding them. 

     My affinity for dogs begin with our family pet Laddy. Laddy was a huge collie who chased anything that moved in or out of our house. As a child I learned more from Larry than he ever learned from me. The most important thing I learned was that any dogs ability to learn and retain information-just like ours- is directly related to what goes on around him and how he feels.  

     I have a picture of my dog, scamp sitting on a table on my porch. Above it is a sign titled, quotation marks dog wisdom quotation marks. As I began to read the sign I realize that dog wisdom is much like people wisdom. I thought to myself “wouldn’t it be great if all of us would strive to be as wise as most dogs?” Yes, even the few old soreheads should read it and try to improve in attitude and peacemaking. 

     Below are the rules that dogs should apply to enhance their dog wisdom and impress their owners. 

1. Be brave no matter your size. 

2. Take a nap when you get tired. 

3. Make your own fun. 

4. Make new friends. 

5. Wag more! Bark less! 

6. Have a mind of your own. 

7. Be loyal and faithful. 

8. Dig life. 

9. Live unconditionally. 

10. Learn new tricks. 

And 11. Chase after your dreams. 

     If we all lived by these rules, we might even improve our life as well! 

Carolyn Johnson, Bailey County Senior Citizens Center


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