February 26, 2024
  • 5:01 pm Here’s where you can vote early for the primary elections in Bailey County
  • 5:00 pm ‘The Tourist’ draws us in with mystery, intriguing characters and offbeat humor
  • 4:59 pm Kirk and Cheryl Lewis highlighted as sponsors of the week
  • 4:58 pm Appreciate your election officials, get out and vote
  • 4:57 pm Zeta Rho tours Dani Heathington Activity Center

Ann McElroy wrote many grants for entities here in Muleshoe. She is a great writer and Muleshoe has been blessed to have her and the many grants she has secured for this community. I have read through many of them but the next two paragraphs were my favorite of all of her writings. 

“The people of Muleshoe are as tough, colorful, and practical as the animal for which their community was named. The town organized in 1926. At that time the original residents were hardy pioneers rooted in the ranching environment that was still converting the largely unsettled prairie into a country where families could live and thrive.” 

She went on, “We believe our town is special because our people are special. We are a close-knit community with people who care for each other.” 

That feeling of community can definitely be seen at the Bailey County Senior Citizens Center. Our members have worked very hard to keep our center operating. Our Senior Citizens Center has had its ups and downs but we have always persevered. Our community, staff, members, and board always pulled through and achieved success for the cause!  

Today we are asking everyone to consider an important task. Last year our Center allowed health professionals to set up at our center for a few days so individuals could receive the Covid vaccine. It was a great success with close to 6,000 people participating. (Yes, that is more than our total population.) Although very little has been done to stop the virus, much can be done to maximize the quality of life of persons with the virus. 

We strongly believe the number of those who came to get the covid vaccine kept our virus numbers down. We also believe that the individuals who worked with us as a team deserve special recognition. It’s often been said, “If a task engages an individual and it works, then it is purposeful.” 

We are always eager to use our Center in meeting the needs of our community. We feel this booster shot is a real need. We are not telling you to get the booster but we are encouraging you to do so. We are especially encouraging those of you who are “Seniors” or who have health issues. We want to see everyone living and thriving in our Muleshoe area! 

Carolyn Johnson, Bailey County Senior Citizens Center


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