February 23, 2024
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Xcel Energy announced that the company will be using its diverse fuel mix to reduce the impact on high natural gas prices this winter.  

The company is also reminding customers of efficient ways to conserve gas and keep winter heating bills at a reasonable rate.  

Electricity that is generated from natural gas-fueled power plants made up 47% of electricity delivered to Texas-New Mexico in 2020. Wind energy is less expensive and accounted for 32% of last year’s mix. Electricity production that is fueled by natural gas is expected to fall to about a third of the overall 2021 mix.  

Here are some tips from Xcel to keep winter energy bills low.  

  • Adjust your thermostats by turning them back seven to 10 degrees for eight hours a day from their normal settings. Energy Star-certified smart thermostats can save up to 8% annually on heating and cooling costs.  
  • Energy proof by insulating walls and attics and weather-stripping doors and windows. These measures can save an average of 15% on costs.  
  • Use water heating and appliances efficiently by installing low-flowing showerheads, replacing aerators on faucets and washing clothes in cold water. Wrap water heaters in insulation to help hold heat inside the tank and dry clothes on lines and use air-dry cycle on automatic dishwashers.  
  • Switch to LED lighting since LEDs typically use 70 to 90% less energy than traditional bulbs.  

For more ways to conserve energy and lower bill costs, visit xcelenergyefficiency.com.  

Nathan Giese, Muleshoe Journal


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