February 26, 2024
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Muleshoe High School students hold up their reimbursement checks from MISD after passing dual credit classes. MISD reimbursed a total of $12,000.

Muleshoe Independent School District reimbursed dual credit students for fall semester classes after the Christmas break, according to Steve Butler, Muleshoe High School counselor.

“In 2020, MHS opened The Academy for students interested in preparing for SAT/ACT and TSI, as well as enrolling in dual credit courses through South Plains College,” Butler said.

“MHS was also proud to begin offering tuition reimbursement for students that enroll and earn a passing grade in dual credit courses up to $500 and only for seniors. The students and/or their parents were responsible for any cost above that amount.

“Any help was appreciated, but this fall we turned a new page for dual credit students. Now, any student in any grade who takes a dual credit course and passes it with a 70 or higher is reimbursed the amount of tuition for ALL classes passed. We had students taking as few as one class and as many as six classes. MISD reimbursed a total of $12,000.”

The following students passed their classes and received reimbursement:
Jazlyn Aguirre, Jacob Alfaro, Natalie Ambriz, Arisbel Avilez, Kilonna Burdell, Zaira Bustillos, Oscar Cabrera, Andrea Camarillo, Amador Castillo, Lylyana Castro, Prisilla Cortez, Brennen Davis, Alina Elizarraraz, Nathan Ferguson, Kaitlynn Hart, Mikaela Haseloff, Zabry Haseloff, Zachary Hasley, Rodrigo Hernandez, Margarita McCrary, Mario Melendez, Amri Melton, Anthony Ngo, Carlee Price, Laiza Que, Cash Reeder, Reese Reynolds, Dhvni Sharma, Vedant Sharma, Katelyn Spears, Makayla Toscano, Jonathan Valencia, Kylee Villa, Josiah Watts

Gail M. Williams

Muleshoe Journal Correspondent


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