December 6, 2022
  • 2:32 pm Wellington knocks Sudan out of playoffs
  • 2:31 pm Virtual AgriLife Crop Production and Protection Seminar set for December
  • 2:30 pm Bailey County elects new officer team
  • 2:27 pm FSA accepting offers for state acres for wildlife enhancement intiatives
  • 2:26 pm Thanksgiving is the Forgotten Holiday

Basil Nash

Candidate for Bailey County Judge

Hello I’m Basil Nash. I moved to Muleshoe in 1983 after serving in the United States Marine Corp. I have worked for Wayne Copley Trucking almost the entire time I’ve been here. My wife Tonya and I have been married for just over five years and our youngest son Drayven is still at home.   

We have a system in America that works better than any other place in the world and that is our right to vote. But in this system it takes the involvement of people willing and wanting to serve.  When we no longer have a choice on the ballot we have basically done away with the need to vote. Bailey County is our home. Keeping America strong and great starts at home. We see so much in our national political seen that needs to be changed that we lose focus on things going on in our own back yard. Sometimes it’s just takes a change in leadership not that things are being done wrong, but by placing a new outlook and a different perspective on what we are doing.

You ask what is going well for Bailey County?  It’s the people!!!! The people of Bailey County are some of the best anywhere. But like the rest of the country they want and need hope. Hope in a government that is going to be there for them and with them. There is not a person or business no matter how big or how small , no matter how young or old that is nonessential !!! Everyone!!!! Everyone Is important. The ability to worship, work to visit and do. We have to remember the foundation that our founding fathers placed before us, and the freedoms that they wanted us to have. We have had men and women sacrifice far to great a price, sense our beginning for us to have the right to live in a nation where the people make the choice and the ones that they choose serve the people. We have to get back to a place where our leaders are servants, from the bottom to the top. But if we are going to change the top we have to start at the bottom.  I believe with all of my heart that we are a Godly nation. If we will get back to the foundation of honesty, integrity, virtues and moral living treating not only each other with respect but our nation as well.

My family and I ask for prayers. We ask that you go to the polls and vote, be a part in keeping this nation great. I thank you for this opportunity to run for the office of Bailey County Judge and would greatly appreciate your vote and the chance to serve to people of Bailey County. May God Bless this County and this Country. 



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