April 22, 2024
  • 3:47 pm Lubbock County crash kills 1, injures 2
  • 3:47 pm Sudan teen killed in Hockley County crash
  • 3:46 pm 17 Muleshoe Mules heading to regional track
  • 3:46 pm Muleshoe City Council appoints judges for May 8 Special Election
  • 3:45 pm Here are the Muleshoe Art Association’s Spring Show winners

Jim Daniel

Bailey County Commissioner for Precinct 4  (current incumbent)

Tell me about you. Where are you from? How long have you lived in Bailey County? Tell me about your family.

My name is Jim Daniel. We came here – me and my family – came to Bailey County in year 2000. I’m originally from Central Texas from a little place called Comanche. We came out west. My wife is from Quanah originally. I love out west. I love up north and west. We decided when we were living in Central Texas. I was a school teacher – I’m retired now. We decided we’d just come out and see what we thought about out west. We didn’t know it would be this far west or this far north. We’ve been here since 2000. It’ll be 22 years this year.

I’m married. Wife and I have been together for 48 years. I married the best woman in the world, in my opinion. We have three kids still at home – 19, 16 and 17. I have a son that’s a sophomore in high school, a daughter that’s a junior, and a son that was homeschooled. He graduated last year.

We love it out here. We live in the big city of Needmore. Right now we need more rain than we do anything else. Like is said, I taught school in Muleshoe for nearly 20 years. I retired three years ago. I ran for county commissioner and got it. So like I said, we really love it here. I guess that’s about what I can tell you.

Any community involvement? If so, can you elaborate?

Let’s see. Besides being commissioner of the community. Since I retired and everything, I was just trying to keep up with the people in Needmore – of precinct 4, which is Needmore and everything – trying to help them out if they need help in any way. We try to do that, besides, I guess you could say, maybe school. We try to help the kids and everything around when they need help and everything like that.

What made you run for County Commissioner?

Well I really, really, really tried to talk to people about it. I had no idea what a county commissioner did. I was kind of afraid to just jump in there. I didn’t have a helmet on or anything else, just dove in. it’s like anything else you do. If you don’t know anything, you try to learn about it as quick as you possibly can. There was some people talking to me. We moved out here into precinct 4. I had, like I tell you, been a school teacher and all that. They told me they thought I would be a good one. I was pretty well known through the school teaching business and all like that. They taught me they had faith in me. I figured I should have a little faith in myself and signed up to run. With the good lord’s hand was in it, I won.

The same thing with this time. I want to help people. I’ve always been that way. I really, I guess if people ask, I really don’t know what the word “no” is. Sometimes I think I wish I did but I don’t think I’d feel as good if I said no as I do when I say “yes.” You try to help people do things. Just like I tell you, and I’ll tell everybody, being a commissioner, I think the number one thing is to help people. Everybody says “well you grate roads and you take care of the roads.” That’s just one part of it. If somebody has a problem with the road, they can call you. You go try to help them out. If they’re stuck in a ditch, they can call you.

I tell everybody if we can do it, we’ll do it. If we can’t, we won’t. There’s not much you can’t do in my opinion. I think the number one deal is to help people.

What is the most important thing the commissioner are facing right now?

I think it’s just like anywhere else – election reform, things like that. That struck a match and everything everywhere. Trying to get the trust back for the people to go where there will be no cheating and everything like that into voting. I think we need to stop being a politician. I think we need to kind of throw that out and just be a commissioner. Like I say, try to help people, everything else. I don’t consider myself a politician at all. I do think I’m a pretty good person, if I have to say so myself. What we’re facing, of course every year, trying to keep the budget as low as you possibly can. A lot of times they pass a law that has to be done but they don’t provide any funding for it. Those are problems for the county – trying to come up with the money in order to do it.

If elected, what would you like to tackle first without your precinct?

I guess what I would like us to maybe build some roads and everything like that. Of course, road materials and everything else are hard to come by. You would like to be able to keep the roads good and I guess that’s the first thing I’d like to tackle. If you have the roads and everything that we have that really need to put caliche on and everything else, that’s what I would like to tackle first. In order to do things like that, you’re going to have to have a little help from the good lord in the rain department. So if we could have a little help in praying for rain and things like that, that would really be a help to all of us.

What is the most pressing thing you believe Bailey County, not necessarily just the commissioners, is facing right now? What do you propose to do about it?

Well you would like to keep the taxes down. You would like to be able to keep the taxes down. I’m not going to jump out there and say I’m a tax reformist and everything like that. If elected, I’m going to try to order taxes. You try to keep the taxes as low as you possibly can. I’m not going to tell you it’s below what this year’s is. You hope next year, when the budget is figured out in the fall, that taxes can be figured low in the preceding year.

What I would like to see. I would like to see senior citizens, or I’d like to see an age that they could get to where they maybe can get by without paying taxes. We’d all like to see that, I’m sure. I think that would be the one thing I ‘d try to address.

Then try to keep all of the offices and everything like that, you would like to keep them where they will be everybody that’s running, everybody that’s elected, I’m trying to figure out a ways to tell you. Trying to keep them where they’re all straight, they’re all good. It’s just another word for election reform.

If you could pick just one or two things, what do you most want voters to know or understand about you?

I am not a politician. I want them to understand that I am not a politician. I don’t know the first thing about being a politician. I want everybody to understand that. I am a person. I try to keep politics out of everything.

I will help them in my precinct any way that I possibly can. If it’s possible for us to do, we’ll do it. If we can’t do it, I will try to tell you in a very nice way that we can’t do that. I just want people to know that in order to be helped, all they have to do is ask. That’s just the type of person I am.

Are there any points not in this questionnaire that you want to speak to?

I think you’ve covered it pretty well.



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