May 28, 2024
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                The Muleshoe varsity track teams hosted the Mule Relays at Benny Douglas Stadium in Muleshoe on Friday with the Mules taking first place overall with 172 points and the Lady Mules placing second with 126.5 points.

                Individual results are as follows:

Girl’s 100-meter dash

5th Layla Fleming                14.4

8th Idaly Tarango                  14.5

12th Maddison Zapata         15.1

Boy’s 100-meter dash

5th Eliasar Cisneros             12.1

7th Irvin Torres                      12.2

12th Uriel Vasquez               12.6

Girl’s 200-meter dash

1st Natalie Ambriz                28.1

3rd Idaly Tarango                 29.5

10th Araceli Hernandez       30.4

Boy’s 200-meter dash

3rd Judas Reyes                    23.5

4th Ezekiel Kasel                  24.2

10th Uriel Vasquez               25.9

Girl’s 400-meter dash

1st Vida Mora                        1:06.0

7th Anastasia Soto 1:10.2

14th Maddison Zapata         1:16.3

Boy’s 400-meter dash

1st Daniel Sianez                  52.6

Girl’s 800-meter run

5th Yvette Benavides           2:57.1

Boy’s 800-meter run

4th Oscar Cabrera                 2:20.4

Girl’s 1,600-meter run

2nd Yvette Benavides          6:42.4

Boy’s 1,600-meter run

1st Sergio Magallanes         5:25.9

3rd Oscar Cabrera                 5:34.6

5th David Bustillos              5:44.1

Girl’s 3,200-meter run

2nd Yvette Benavides          14:17.3

4th Mikaela Haseloff            14:42.6

Boy’s 3,200-meter run

2nd Sergio Magallanes        11:39.0

Girl’s 100-meter hurdles

6th Zabry Haseloff                20.7

Boy’s 110-meter hurdles

2nd Brennen Davis               17.5

3rd Justin Dyck                     18.2

4th Tristan Solalinde            20.7

Girl’s 300-meter hurdles

4th Zabry Haseloff                56.1

5th Kylie Hernandez            57.1

7th Layla Fleming                1:01.2

Boy’s 300-meter hurdles

3rd Nathan Martens              44.3

4th Justin Dyck                     46.5

7th Tristan Solalinde            49.5

Girl’s 4×100-meter relay

3rd Zapata, Tarango, Soto and Fleming 55.2

Boy’s 4×100-meter relay

2nd Reyes, Kasel, Cisneros and Torres 45.6

Girl’s 4×200-meter relay

2nd Soto, Angelina Armijo, Mora and Ambriz 1:55.2

Boy’s 4×200-meter relay

3rd Torres, Kasel Martens and Cisneros 1:38.8

Girl’s 4×400-meter relay

1st Zabry Haseloff, Ambriz, Armijo and Mora 4:34.9

Boy’s 4×400-meter relay

1st Sianez, Davis, Martens and Reyes 3:39.7

Boy’s Shot Put

6th Victor Morales                36’6”

10th Jacob Reyes                  31’9”

Girl’s Discus

6th Carlee Price                     74’11”

Girl’s High Jump

3rd Natalie Ambriz               4’4”

Boy’s High Jump

2nd Ezekiel Kasel                 5’6”

3rd Nathan Martens              5’6”

4th Eliasar Cisneros             5’4”

Girl’s Pole Vault

2nd Jaydaci Vincent             6’0”

Boy’s Pole Vault

1st Tristan Solalinde            8’6”

Girl’s Long Jump

3rd Natalie Ambriz               14’9”

8th Layla Fleming                13’3.5”

12th Araceli Hernandez       12’8”

Boy’s Long Jump

1st Daniel Sianez                  19’1”

4th Irvin Torres                      18’3.5”

6th Judas Reyes                    17’9”

Girl’s Triple Jump

6th Layla Fleming                28’5”

11th Idaly Tarango                25’10”

Derek Lopez

Muleshoe Journal Correspondent


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