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Courtesy Photo/Leading EDG

Taylor McAlpine, Leading EDG facilitator

On Jan. 11, 2022, Taylor McAlpine became the new facilitator for Leading EDG in Muleshoe.

McAlpine, who replaces Cameron Winegar, visits Muleshoe on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. His office is in the City of Muleshoe Training Facility at 303 S. Main.

McAlpine is facilitator for cities throughout the West Texas Panhandle south of Amarillo.

“Every community is different, depending on its size,” he said. “Muleshoe has some great activity happening right now. There are businesses interested in relocating to Muleshoe, as well as startups looking for community support. Other businesses are in the conceptual stage, and we’re helping them put together business plans.”

McAlpine mentioned several advantages for businesses located in Muleshoe, including access to shipping on Highway 84, airports within easy driving distance from the city, medical and education facilities.

“People take a great deal of personal and community pride in the city,” McAlpine said. “It’s an attractive place to be. You see the Mule everywhere.”

According to their website, Leading EDG is a network of resources with the goal of developing entrepreneurs and strengthening small businesses. They utilize a network of strategic alliances with an A-list team that includes experts in financial management, sales training, business coaching, intellectual property, social media and more.

“The best part is that the service contracts through Muleshoe Economic Development Corporation,” McAlpine said. “Since the service is fully funded by the Muleshoe EDC, there is never any cost to those who use the service.”

Born in Austin and raised in Lubbock, McAlpine attended LISD schools and Texas Tech University. He graduated from Rawls College of Business in 2013 with a dual degree in marketing and management and a concentration in entrepreneurship. In addition to working for Leading EDG, McAlpine is himself a business owner.

“I do a lot of business in the Lubbock area and understand what’s key at the federal and local level key in keeping things moving,” he said.

For example, during the COVID-19 quarantine and lockdown, McAlpine observed that bars in Lubbock were able to make some changes and become restaurants pretty quickly.

“Through collaborative efforts, small business grants and fundraisers, businesses were able to work together,” he said. “I only heard of a handful that permanently changed business models. One chemical manufacturer was able to increase its production of hand sanitizer, switching it from a minor to the major product category. They had all the right equipment in the supply chain, so this created a lot of opportunity for them.”

Recently, the change from in-person to online business models has been noticed in the economy.

“There’s a lot of opportunity for the side hustle or creator economy, as long as businesses understand the risks they’re getting involved in,” McAlpine said. “Employers may need to create places that are meaningful to employees with an opportunity for getting the attention and the quality of life they want.”

McAlpine advises students thinking about careers after graduation from high school or college to ask themselves questions such as what are their interests, their resources, their experience and what they want their life to look like in 10 years.

“You can make money doing just about anything,” he said. “You need to ask yourself how much do you want to make and do you have the resources to make the most of that opportunity.”

To learn more, email, visit the Leading EDG or the Muleshoe EDC website, or contact the City of Muleshoe at 806-272-4528.

Gail M. Williams

Muleshoe Journal Correspondent


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