May 28, 2024
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                The Watson Junior High seventh and eighth grade track teams hosted the Mule Relays at Benny Douglas Stadium in Muleshoe on Thursday. No hurdles or field events were completed due to weather.

                Individual results are as follows:

7th Grade Girl’s 100-meter dash

13th Adalyn Alvarado         15.6

T-17th Glesy Ramos             16.4

T-22nd Jazmine Ramirez     17.0

8th Grade Girl’s 100-meter dash

T-16th Addilene Blanco      15.8

T-19th Yajahira Campos      15.9

23rd Marlen Olvera              17.4

7th Grade Boy’s 100-meter dash

T-7th Ashton Radloff          14.3

11th Evan Jenkins                14.4

13th Andrew Jaramillo        15.2

8th Grade Boy’s 100-meter dash

12th Yanixan Regalado       13.7

T-13th Deven Ragsdale       13.8

17th Brayton Butler             14.4

7th Grade Girl’s 200-meter dash

2nd Carol Meza                     31.9

T-20th Isabela Cortez           36.6

24th Alayna Garcia               37.9

8th Grade Girl’s 200-meter dash

17th Abigail Jones 33.7

21st Brissya Martinez          34.7

23rd Marely Ronquillo       35.8

7th Grade Boy’s 200-meter dash

6th Leland Garcia                 29.4

7th Evan Jenkins                   29.4

9th Ashton Radloff               31.7

8th Grade Boy’s 200-meter dash

12th Johnny Hernandez       28.6

13th Taylor Shipman            28.9

7th Grade Girl’s 400-meter dash

15th Kaelor Contreras          1:28.2

19th Daniella Sanchez         1:31.1

20th Yeisi Gutierrez              1:31.8

21st Laila Garcia                   1:33.5

8th Grade Girl’s 400-meter dash

9th Gracie Elizarraraz          1:23.5

13th Allena Hancock           1:26.5

18th Ariana Ortega               1:34.3

7th Grade Boy’s 400-meter dash

T-6th Ivan Sanchez               1:11.1

12th Andrew Jaramillo        1:17.3

13th Elian Venzor                 1:19.2

8th Grade Boy’s 400-meter dash

2nd Mauro Hernandez         1:03.4

T-7th Yanixan Regalado      1:07.5

12th Kaden Contreras          1:13.2

7th Grade Girl’s 800-meter run

6th Daisy Garcia                   3:15.6

8th Grade Girl’s 800-meter run

5th Isabela Elizalde              3:11.1

7th Grade Boy’s 800-meter run

6th Treashawn Gomez         3:01.2

8th Grade Boy’s 800-meter run

4th Colton Martinez             2:45.7

5th Eduardo Benavides       2:47.1

7th Grade Girl’s 1,600-meter run

1st Ariadne Martinez           7:33.2

5th Abril Nunez                    8:09.1

6th Aubra Martinez              8:09.4

7th Grade Boy’s 1,600-meter run

5th Treashawn Gomez         7:04.6

8th Grade Boy’s 1,600-meter run

5th Jared Valencia                 6:30.5

7th Grade Girl’s 2,400-meter run

1st Ariadne Martinez           10:50.3

6th Abril Nunez                    12:21.6

8th Grade Girl’s 2,400-meter run

4th Gracie Elizarraraz          11:20.8

7th Grade Boy’s 2,400-meter run

6th Josue Burciaga               11:18.1

7th Grade Girl’s 4×100-meter relay

4th Noemi Gonzalez, Avery Cantu, Layla Smith and Nicole Vidana 59.56

8th Grade Girl’s 4×100-meter relay

6th Andrea Rivas, Alexa Rodriguez, Yazlynn Ramirez and Gia Hernandez                                                       59.34

7th Grade Boy’s 4×100-meter relay

1st Marcos Zacarias, Noah Hernandez, Davian Sital and Kamron Rodriguez                                                   51.38

8th Grade Boy’s 4×100-meter relay

4th Mauro Hernandez, Johnny Hernandez, Luis Valles and Matthew Hauff                                                        51.90

7th Grade Girl’s 4×200-meter relay

6th Noemi Gonzalez, Avery Cantu, Layla Smith and Nicole Vidana                                                                 2:10.84

8th Grade Girl’s 4×200-meter relay

3rd Marely Ronquillo, Andrea Rivas, Yazlynn Ramirez and Gia Hernandez                                                   2:05.32

7th Grade Boy’s 4×200-meter relay

1st Marcos Zacarias, Noah Hernandez, Davian Sital and Kamron Rodriguez                                                 1:47.86

8th Grade Boy’s 4×200-meter relay

3rd Taylor Shipman, Johnny Hernandez, Luis Valles and Matthew Hauff                                       1:54.24

8th Grade Girl’s 4×400-meter relay

3rd Marely Ronquillo, Araceli Cruz, Alexa Rodriguez and Gracia Elizarraraz                              5:15.88

7th Grade Boy’s 4×400-meter relay

1st Marcos Zacarias, Noah Hernandez, Davian Sital and Kamron Rodriguez                                                4:13.0

8th Grade Boy’s 4×400-meter relay

4th Taylor Shipman, Mauro Hernandez, Luis Valles and Matthew Hauff                                                   4:19.28            

                The Watson Junior High Track Teams will be competing next Thursday in Littlefield at the Wildcat Relays.

Derek Lopez

Muleshoe Journal Correspondent


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