November 29, 2023
  • 5:04 pm Zeta Rho travels to South Korea with Tiffany Hicks
  • 5:03 pm The life of Don McElroy
  • 5:01 pm COMMENTARY: 1913 heroine proves too unlikeable for 21st Century producers
  • 5:00 pm Plainview Herald will be closed Thursday
  • 5:00 pm Mules lose in area playoff round

We continue my self-interview/”getting-to-know-me” session from the previous couple of weeks:

(5.) SO HOW IN THE BLEEP DID YOU ORIGINALLY GET CONNECTED WITH THE HERALD? ANSWER: Throughout the years, I did make many efforts to try to get employment in various ways with the Herald. I even at one time did a Herald paper route in the Plainview Downtown/Hillcrest area. For about a day or two after two weeks using my mother’s car that went south, I even had to resort to literally walking the route as best as I could with the help of Charles Lawson (circulation director at the time) and even Sandra Aven (publisher) until I was let go from that position. I also knew a number of folks such as Richard Orr before he died and had been good friends with Danny Andrews both due to my work at KKYN as well as through A Walk to Emmaus activities. So this isn’t necessarily my first rodeo here at the Herald. I just frankly thought that I’d never get to finally write some for here–until now, that is…much less write this column I’m writing right now.


ANSWER: (A.) PERSONAL–Some of this has to do with a little personal self-interest…one, I’ve got some financial problems that can only be solved by one thing–extra dinero. Plus I’ve got some books I’ve got to try to sell (okay–there went my shameless self-plug)…again, for the reasons of DESPERATELY needed extra income. And I’ve got a couple of others I’m working on right now. Does that answer part of your question? (LOL…)

(2.) PAPER PRACTICAL CONCERNS–Our managing editor has got from what I’ve seen so far a ton on her plate right now with TWO different papers and not enough time to do it in. I figure that any small contributions I might be able to make into this total kitty might hopefully assist her in avoiding an unnecessary early demise and/or diseases due to stress, maybe? (Of course, she’ll have to be the judge of that…)

(3.)  SERIOUSLY–Despite the above, maybe if I can best describe why I might have wound up here, then Psalm 127 might begin to put it best–”…Unless the Lord shall build the house, the weary builders toil in vain…unless the Lord the city shields, the guards maintain a useless watch.”

If I might wish to describe how deep my passion for writing has been in recent years, it’s first because it was NOT what I originally started out to do. Instead, two of my biggest passions have been (and still are to some degree) music as well as TV/video. It has always seem that I have been the type of individual who despite his best efforts (even to the point of shouting, begging, pleading, cajoling–and possibly to the point of total manipulation if absolutely necessary) could never quite get people to listen to anything I might be able to say verbally in a way that I felt could be truly heard by others.

Then I scratch my head in absolute bewilderment at two things that might happen after this–that when someone else purposes the exact same ideas or even something else different than what I have in mind and other people react to them as if it’s the greatest idea since sliced bread [in which the temptation to be slightly jealous and frustrated over this is very hard to resist for me…] OR after I WRITE these things down and people might actually READ them, THEN they FINALLY begin to get the point to some degree what I’m trying to express (which can be as equally frustrating to me). Practical personal experience since then has convinced me that the use of pen and paper (or even a laptop computer) might serve for me as a better course of expressing what I might have to say to the rest of the world around me.

We’ll finish this self-interview session by talking about what I hope will be my overall personal mission statement with all of these upcoming columns in the next edition. Until next time (as He allows), see ya at the CROSSroads–

Coy RH

(Coy Holley is the author of several books that are available both through Amazon and also through his online publishing company Broken and Shattered

Promises Online Publishing. Detailed info on each of these books as well as appropriate contact info on how you can purchase these books are available at his website: .)

By Coy Holley

CoyRH at the Crossroads


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