February 26, 2024
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As the summer months move into July, work continues on MISD campuses to make them ADA compliant, energy-efficient, attractive and comfortable.

On an MISD Facebook post, Facilities Director Chad Beall spoke to Gil Lamb Advertising about the progress that has been made.

“Over at the junior high, we are completely ADA compliant,” Beall said. “We have handicap ramps so anybody that would be in a wheelchair or using a walker would be able to get into and exit that building.”

A wheelchair accessible ramp/elevator has been added to the fifth grade wing at Dillman School.

“It’s a lot higher, so that now we have a ramp that’s a motorized ramp that handicapped people can use to get up there,” Beall said.

In addition, air conditioning has been installed in the Dillman gym.

The DeShazo gym, which Beall says is one of the oldest buildings in town, has been upgraded with new windows.

“One of the features of those windows is we don’t have to run the lights during the day,” Beall said. “They let in enough natural light that we don’t have to turn the lights on when they have class in there. The best thing about that is the old gym now has heat and air.”

Finally, workers have planted trees in front of the high school to spruce things up and bring in a little color.

Beall has been the facilities director for MISD for about a year.

Gail M. Williams

Muleshoe Journal Correspondent


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