November 29, 2023
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  • 5:03 pm The life of Don McElroy
  • 5:01 pm COMMENTARY: 1913 heroine proves too unlikeable for 21st Century producers
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Muleshoe ISD has several new faces across the district. 

The new teachers and administrators were officially welcomed last week.

Parents and students who have not already met the new staff members will have a chance to next week. Muleshoe High School will have a Meet The Teacher event on Monday. DeShazo elementary, Watson Junior High, and Dillman Elementary have their meet the teacher event the following day.

The first day of school is Aug. 17.

New teachers include the following:

Muleshoe High School

  • Kattie Palmer, Agriculture Science
  • Brannon Karger, History and English
  • Brandt Davis, Physical Education along with coaching football, basketball, and track
  • Johnny Baca, Spanish and English Language Learner
  • Hillary Birkey, English
  • Chrissy Bass, English
  • Bianca Jasso, Educational Aid
  • Gregory Ammons, Assistant Principal, Girls Coordinator, Girls Basketball

Watson Junior High

  • Hector Lopez, Boys Coordinator
  • Gentry Doolittle, History and coaching baseball, football, and basketball
  • Bailey Doolittle, Sciecne and coaching girls basketball and track
  • Jon Chavez, Social Studies
  • Zoe Apodaca, Educational Aid
  • Crystal Lozano, Secretary

Deshazo Elementary

  • Debbie Vinson, 3rd grade reading
  • Christine Baca, 3-5th grade Math Resource
  • Dawn Ramaekers, Speech Therapist
  • Dez’rae Sanchez, Educational Aid

Dillman Elementary

  • Kala Thompson, Special Education
  • Keelee Medford, Special Education
  • Adelle Davis, 2nd grade
  • Claudia Mendoza, Pre-Kindergarten
  • Natalie Diaz, 2nd grade
  • Sarahi Regalado, 1st grade
  • Chazlin Lesueur, 1st grade
  • Brittany Espinoza, Educational Aid
  • Phelicia Ruvalcaba, Secretary
  • Hailey Anzaldua, Educational Aid
Ma'Rico Holland II

Muleshoe Journal


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