December 6, 2022
  • 2:32 pm Wellington knocks Sudan out of playoffs
  • 2:31 pm Virtual AgriLife Crop Production and Protection Seminar set for December
  • 2:30 pm Bailey County elects new officer team
  • 2:27 pm FSA accepting offers for state acres for wildlife enhancement intiatives
  • 2:26 pm Thanksgiving is the Forgotten Holiday

The four MISD libraries at MHS, WJHS, DeShazo and Dillman offer a wealth of student resources including 9,000 print books as well as multimedia and interactive learning materials.

High school librarian Belinda Head and April Buenrostro, junior high librarian who recently moved to the technology department, took the time to answer a questionnaire regarding MISD libraries.

Buenrostro, now starting her fourth year at MISD, is an MHS graduate currently working towards a Bachelor of Science degree in business education. Head, also an MHS graduate, has a Bachelor of Science in secondary education, English and reading, and a Master of Science in school counseling. This is her 23rd year at MISD.

In spite of many technological advancements, print books are still at the heart of library systems. Both MHS and WJHS have 2000 print books in their collections, while DeShazo and Dillman have 2500 books in each of theirs.

Students can and do request books that are not currently available in the library, especially new books. The librarians make a list of these requests and order them as soon as possible.

“We have the ability to run various reports to monitor student checkouts and interests,” the librarians said. “Our new library circulation system allows all campuses to view book availability and an option to check out print books from other campuses.”

Students can usually check out books for two weeks with the option to renew their checkouts.

In addition, the new library circulation system allows all campuses to view book availability and has an option to check out print books from other campuses.

Beyond fiction and non-fiction print books, the libraries offer eBooks, DVDs, audio books, interactive learning materials and print magazines. Special programs such as Read with Me and book fairs are offered during the school year.

The high school library now offers a study space for students taking dual credit classes to earn college credits.

Some other services the libraries offers are:

  1. Book tests (Accelerated Reading)
    1. Maker space activities
    1. Independent reading
    1. Research
    1. Book Club meetings
    1. Student work experience as aides
    1. Computers
    1. Quiet place to study, take tests, etc.
    1. Ability to place books on hold
Gail M. Williams

Muleshoe Journal Correspondent


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