February 27, 2024
  • 5:01 pm Here’s where you can vote early for the primary elections in Bailey County
  • 5:00 pm ‘The Tourist’ draws us in with mystery, intriguing characters and offbeat humor
  • 4:59 pm Kirk and Cheryl Lewis highlighted as sponsors of the week
  • 4:58 pm Appreciate your election officials, get out and vote
  • 4:57 pm Zeta Rho tours Dani Heathington Activity Center

Officers installed at the Zeta Rho meeting were left to right: Pat Young, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer; Vicki Black, Recording Secretary; Sheila Stevenson, Vice-President; and Lynne Box, President.

Provided by Alice Liles/Beta Sigma Phi

Zeta Rho chapter of Beta Sigma Phi met in the home of Cindy Barrett Tuesday, August 9th, to begin the new year.

Past-president Cindy Barrett held officer installation before the meeting began. Officers installed were: Lynne Box, President; Sheila Stevenson, Vice-president; Vicki Black, Recording Secretary; and Pat Young, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer.

Members then enjoyed a meal of ham and cheese sliders, assorted vegetables and dip, with watermelon slices for dessert prepared by Cindy, Pat Angeley, and Sheila Stevenson.

After members enjoyed visiting after the summer break, President Box led members in the opening ritual and began the meeting. Secretary Black called roll and reviewed events from Founder’s Day held last April, since there were no minutes from the May meeting which was canceled due to bad weather. Treasurer Pat Young gave the treasurer’s report. There were no committee reports. Discussion followed about future service projects for the sorority. Rickie Warren provided members with the opportunity to sign up for committees and monthly meeting locations.

President Box then led members in closing rituals and the mizpah, and the door prize was then drawn for and won by Melba King.

Members present for the meeting included Melba King, Sharon Agee, Pat Angeley, Sandi Chitwood, Cindy Barrett, Alice Liles, Vicki Black, Pat Young, Sheila Stevenson, and Lynne Box.

Alice Liles

Beta Sigma Phi


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