September 21, 2023
  • 8:47 am Panhandle South Plains Fair kicks off this week
  • 8:46 am Muleshoe citizens in for pancakes at the Senior Center
  • 8:46 am An inconvenience or an adventure?
  • 8:45 am Here is the game schedule for the week of Sept. 18-23
  • 8:43 am REVIEW: Murderers haven’t a ghost of a chance against Hercule Poirot

The following list is the South Plains stat leaders from football 2A-5A through week two of the high school football season. A reminder to coaches; please send all stats recorded to Ma’Rico Holland II at   

Passing yards  

Olton Sr. Logan Lassiter 963 yards  

Plainview Fr. Seth Mayberry 933 yards  

Hale Center Jr. Adam Beruman 719 yards  

Abernathy Sr. Kaleb Harrell 653 yards  

Muleshoe Jr. Sebastian Kirven 540 yards  

Passing TDs  

Olton Sr. Logan Lassiter 10 TDs  

Plainview Fr. Seth Mayberry 9 TDs  

Abernathy Sr. Kaleb Harrell 7 TDs  

Muleshoe Jr. Sebastian Kirven 6 TDs  

Sudan Jr. Trent Wilson 6 TDs 

Rushing Yards  

Tulia Sr. Damian Cedillo 617 yards  

Floydada Sr. Andres Mendoza 612 yards  

Muleshoe Jr. Daniel Sianez 579 yards  

Lockney Xavier Jimenez 507 yards 

Sudan Sr. Josue Cervera 444 yards 

Rushing TDs  

Floydada Sr. Andres Mendoza 7 TDs  

Tulia Sr. Damian Cedillo 7 TDs  

Sudan Soph. Marcello King 7 TDs 

Olton Jr. Christian Chancy 6 TDs  

Olton Jr. Baldo Garcia 6 TDs  


Muleshoe Sr. Irvin Torres 27 rec.  

Plainview Sr. Karomo Collins 26 rec 

Hale Center Soph. Lionel Martinez 25 rec   

Olton Sr. Jake Soliz 23 rec  

Olton Sr. Joel Olivas jr. 22 rec  

Receiving Yards  

Hale Center Soph. Lionel Martinez 436 yards  

Olton Sr. Jake Soliz 346 yards  

Olton Sr. Joel Olivas jr. 331 yards  

Tulia Sr. Yoda Robinson 325 yards  

Plainview Sr. Karomo Collins 316 yards  

Receiving TDs  

Olton Sr. Jake Soliz 5 TDs  

Tulia Sr. Yoda Robinson 4 TDs  

Olton Sr. Joel Olivas jr. 4 TDs  

Muleshoe Sr. Eliasar Cisneros 4TDs 

Floydada Sr. Saul Reyes 4 TDs  

Total Tackles  
Muleshoe Sr. Davian McMullen 64 tckls  

Olton Jr. Jacob Marquez 58 tckls  

Tulia Sr. Yoda Robinson 48 tckls  

Tulia Sr. Koein Maeda 48 tckls 

Muleshoe Jr. Jaxher Lopez 42 tckls 


Muleshoe Jr. Jaxher Lopez 6 Scks  

Plainview Sr. Isaac Garza 3 Scks  

Plainview Evan Rushing 3 Scks  

Tulia Jr. Turbo Chavez 2 Scks  

Hale Center Sr. Kristan Ford 2 Scks  


Tulia Sr. Yoda Robinson 3 Int  

Floydada Sr. Saul Reyes 3 Int  

Tulia Sr. Koein Maeda 3 Int  

Plainview Sr. Jacob Clay 2 Int  

Olton Jr. Jacob Escobar 2 Int  

Ma'Rico Holland


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