September 21, 2023
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When Meals on Wheels of Muleshoe shows up at the door with a noon meal, it sparks a sense of gratitude and relief in family members. An independent agency, Muleshoe Meals on Wheels delivers meals to people in the city limits of Muleshoe. 

“Meals on Wheels is run with donations and memorials,” said coordinator Judy Coffman. “We provide home-delivered meals for people in the city of Muleshoe. The age that Meals on Wheels begins is 60, but we also deliver to some who are disabled, or if it’s dangerous for them to stand and cook. Because we’re not federally funded, we have more leeway as to who we can accept or not.” 

Eligibility for the program is determined by an application form. 

Meals on Wheels volunteers from 10 businesses and two churches run four routes. They pick up a noon meal at the hospital at 11 a.m. and take it directly to people’s homes, Monday through Friday. 

“We would not be able to have this program were it not for our volunteers. It wouldn’t be feasible. I may be the coordinator, but volunteers are the hands, the feet and the face of this program,” Coffman said. 

In addition to delivering meals, Meals on Wheels drivers check on the wellness of those on their route. 

“Recently, some of our drivers found a lady that couldn’t get up on the floor. They were able to get her the help she needed,” Coffman said. “Relatives of people on our routes have a sense of relief knowing we’re checking on their parents and grandparents when they don’t live in town and can’t do it every day.” 

In October, Meals on Wheels provided bad weather meal bags to clients. 

Earlier this year, Meals on Wheels supplied emergency bags so that Meals on Wheels recipients would have food during inclement weather. 

“We follow the school bad weather policy,” Coffman said. “If Muleshoe schools close, that day we do not run meals. If the streets are bad enough so buses cannot run, our volunteers do not drive.” 

If a recipient needs to use the first bag, Meals on Wheels will order and send out a second bag. Meals are provided by the Muleshoe Area Medical Center kitchen. 

“The kitchen crew at the hospital are fantastic. I cannot say enough good things about them,” Coffman said. 

The program’s meals cost about $6,000 a month. 

“At Christmas time, lots of people make donations in honor of people that are still alive,” Coffman said. “That’s a huge help. Also, if they remember us when making their Christmas tax donations, that helps as well.” 

At this time, Meals on Wheels is in need of route drivers. 

“Two of my ladies are going to retire from doing their route at the end of December,” Coffman said. “Peggy Bates and Ruby Henderson have been doing that for a long time.” 

For information, contact Judy Coffman at 806-272-3647. 



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