April 13, 2024
  • 4:26 pm The eclipse was much ado about nothing at my house
  • 4:26 pm When idols rot and topple over
  • 4:25 pm Not totally banned from viewing the eclipse
  • 4:25 pm It’s National Library Week in Muleshoe
  • 4:23 pm Council approves election judges, adjourns for closed session

The Muleshoe Heritage Thrift Shop at 402 Main St., Muleshoe, has closed its doors, according to Facebook posts on the Heritage Foundation and the Chamber of Commerce sites.

On Feb. 9, the Heritage Foundation posted that the closing of the Muleshoe Heritage Thrift shop was not a decision made lightly.

“During the cold winter months, as you all know, utilities are incredibly high. And the thrift shop, being an older building, staying ahead financially is getting harder,” the post said. “The Muleshoe Foundation is a nonprofit organization, meaning we rely completely on donations and grants. The thrift shop was a way to help offset the cost of running such an incredible property. When the balance is shifted, decisions have to be made for the overall purpose.

“We do not want to shut the doors permanently, and we are hopeful that we can continue to serve the Muleshoe community. So we are taking a break, and we will come back to see what the Muleshoe Heritage Foundation can do.”

Another post mentioned Sunday, Feb. 12, as the date the Thrift Shop would close its doors, apologizing for the inconvenience and encouraging patrons to take their donations to Goodwill in Clovis, NM.

On Feb. 12, Kit Diaz, Thrift Shop manager Kit Diaz thanking the following volunteers: Aliesa White, Shirley White, Natalie Diaz, Kathy Hunt, Daniela Moreno, Rachel Olivas, Alice Flores, Alicia Padilla, Sylvia Diaz, Dora Triana, Elodia Torres, Jeremiah Barron, BJ Gonzales/Cooper/Luke, Val McCamish/MHS STUDENTS, Mrs. Cribbs/MHS STUDENTS, Mrs. Marisol Robles/MHS STUDENTS

Calls to numbers listed on the posts either returned a busy signal or were unanswered.

Gail M. Williams


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