May 23, 2024
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Many people think of boxing as a rough, tough, bloody sport. But for Hector Reyes, it’s more than that.

“It’s a beautiful discipline,” he said.

Reyes started Muleshoe Boxing Gym on Main Street six months ago. Currently, about 20 people use the gym, but Reyes, who trains and teaches along with his son and a trainer with professional boxing experience, is hoping to expand.

“We train men or women from age 4 to just about any age. Age doesn’t matter, just so they can comprehend what we’re teaching,” Reyes said. “We’re certified through USA Boxing, and we use the new method of boxing. It’s nothing like old school; it’s a beautiful discipline,”

Workouts begin with warm-ups, stretches and exercises that stimulate left-right brain function. It continues with work on speed bags, punching bags and punching mitts before moving on to shadow boxing and sparring.

Reyes lists a number of benefits that participants realize from the workouts.

“Physically, it helps them to find their natural weight,” he said. Usually when people begin exercising, they start losing weight real fast. Boxing helps them find their normal weight, the physical weight where you’re most comfortable, where you belong, where you’re most strong and healthy.

“It strengthens you aerobically and mentally and helps you feel more self-confident.  Letting the toxins out acts as a stress reliever. It helps you emotionally. You’ll become a better person as far as relationships.”

The equipment needed is minimal, consisting of tennis shoes, sweats or shorts. Muleshoe Boxing Gym provides most of the equipment including gloves and hand-wraps. However, participants are free to buy and use their own equipment.

Muleshoe Boxing Gym participants train on punching bags as part of their workout.

Reyes was introduced to boxing at a small boxing gym in Muleshoe when he was 7. He became an amateur boxer at 11, fighting in bouts throughout West Texas and for Golden Gloves in New Mexico.

“I reached my goal of 100 fights at age 27,” Reyes said. “I had a contract to fight pro, but an accident stopped my boxing career.”

At age 52, Reyes is realizing his dream of owning a boxing gym.

“We’re always open at any time of the day. There are people that come in at 7 in the morning or 9 at night. They can always call us, and we can assist them with a personal trainer,” he said.

Muleshoe City Council recently voted to approve a $9,700 grant for business expansion to the Muleshoe Boxing Gym through the Muleshoe Economic Development Corporation.

“We’re buying a boxing ring,” Reyes said. “We picked it out, and it’s already at the gym. It’s the first ever for those who want to train on a boxing ring, right here in Bailey County.”

The boxing ring will help train the team of five who are currently competing.

“They’ve taken their physicals according to USA Boxing regulations,” Reyes said. “They’re all doing good. Two of them won their first fights and lost their second. I have one who has already fought nine times for me.”

To contact Hector Reyes call 806-566-7522.

Gail M. Williams


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