May 23, 2024
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So there the bonfire sits, waiting for a better night to ignite the Mules’ burning desire to beat the heck out of some other team!

Provided by Alice Liles

We watched dump trucks drive past our house hauling brush and fire-worthy wood for about two weeks to the site of the Mules’ bonfire at the back side of the golf course driving range. Finally the day came. Three food trucks even showed up for this year’s festivities. The fireworks trailer was there ready to go. Two fire trucks, EMS, the band, parents, kids, me- we were all ready for the lighting of the pile to inspire the Mules to continue their winning streak with a win against Tulia for the homecoming game.

I gathered up my camera and wandered aimlessly until time for the fire trucks to bring the team so I could get a picture. The skies in the distance, meantime, were looking angry. I went inside for my coat when the wind kicked up and turned off cooler. Dust blew before light rain began to fall. And then vehicles started leaving the scene. I walked next door where the Zaragosas were waiting for the bonfire, too. Nellie had the news on her phone; the bonfire had been cancelled due to a threatening storm. An EMS vehicle stopped and confirmed the bad news. The eighth grade game had also been stopped because of possible lightning strikes. But the Mules were ahead, so we can live with that!

Well, by the time everyone had cleared out, fireworks trailer and all, the rain stopped, the wind quit, and the clouds were breaking up.

So there the bonfire sits, waiting for a better night to ignite the Mules’ burning desire to beat the heck out of some other team!

And then we’ll all say, in the immortal words of the late Mr.Jenkins, :”How ’bout them Mules!”

Can’t wait.

To read the story and see all the pictures, go to The bonfire will burn before another game and will be announced by the high school at a later date.

Alice’s note: This story first appeared in my blog The Bright Lights of Muleshoe on September 14, 2023, the very night the homecoming bonfire was to be set afire. But it didn’t happen! 

Alice Liles

Muleshoe Journal Contributor


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