February 23, 2024
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A recent survey taken by the Texas Association of Basketball Coaches shows a majority of coaches across the state are in favor of implementing a shot clock into the game.

The survey was taken in September according to the TABC with more than 2,000 head boys and girls basketball coaches participating in the survey. The results were shared on TABC’s X account Monday morning and sparked debate in the comments.

The overall results showed that 61.65%, 1,246 coaches out of 2,021 total survey participants, voted in favor of the shot clock.

The survey results showed that the higher classifications were more in favor of the shot clock than the lower classifications. Over 70 percent of coaches of boys and girls coaches at the 6A level voted in favor of a shot clock and nearly 70 percent of boys and girls coaches at the 5A level did the same.

The only classification where both boys and girls coaches did not both vote a majority in favor of the shot clock was at the 1A level. About 40 percent of coaches on each side agreed on the implementation of the shot clock. At the 2A and 3A levels, coaches votes a near split down the middle.

Assistant Director of the TABC, Johnnie Carter is scheduled to speak during the UIL’s next Legislative Council meeting on Sunday.

Ma'Rico Holland


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