February 23, 2024
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The UIL completed its two-day legislative session Monday afternoon. Among the talking points was the idea of ratifying girls flag football as a UIL-sanctioned sport.

During the public hearing portion of the UIL’s meeting, one of the scheduled speakers was an educator from Cedar Hill High School, Timothy Rising. He suggested to the UIL board the idea of girls’ flag football to become a sanctioned UIL sport.

Currently, eight states have licensed flag football as a high school sport including Florida, California, Arizona, and New York. Along with that, Fort Worth ISD established a girls’ high school flag football league on a club level. That league includes eight teams in the district.  

He suggested that the amount of equipment needed for flag football makes the sport cost-efficient to parents and school districts. Rising spoke on the level of minimized risk involved with flag football alongside other contact sports and spoke on what the sport could do for girls around the state of Texas.

“By providing the sport, this will help the state remain in good standing with Title IX by ensuring our female athletes have an equal opportunity with the same sport our boys do with football,” Rising said. “Moreover, this gives our ladies a voice. Our girls get to showcase their love and knowledge for the game.”

The UIL Athletic committee ultimately denied, rejected or took no action on the proposal during its standing committee meeting. The committee also heard a reintroduction to the proposal to add boys’ volleyball as a UIL sport.  Other items discussed but not ratified include adding lacrosse and wheelchair tennis as UIL-sanctioned sports. Proposals to move the seasons for soccer and volleyball along with a proposal to split 1A and 2A baseball also received rejections, denials or no action.

The UIL committees review each proposal and, during the open session, share details on the topics that sparked the most debate. However, the committee does not have to reveal whether they outright denied a proposal or simply took no action on it during the open session.

Ma'Rico Holland II

Muleshoe Journal


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