May 28, 2024
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Kirk and Cheryl Lewis

Provided by Bailey County Senior Center

This week’s Sponsor of the Week is near and dear to my heart.  I don’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t know her.  Please join me in thanking Kirk and Cheryl Lewis for being this week’s Sponsor of the Week.  They have been married almost 32 years and have 3 children and their spouses and 7 grandchildren scattered from Dallas and Saginaw Texas to Brookfield, Wisconsin.   After being “country folks” for 30 years, they moved to town about a year ago and are officially “city slickers” with their 3 fur babies. 

Kirk is a proud graduate of Texas A&M, Class of ‘82, (Gig ‘em).  His work history includes working for Martin Feed and Cattle, Texas Agriculture Extension Service, farming in the YL community, Texas Boll Weevil Eradication Foundation, C&H Equipment, Ray Lee Equipment, and is currently employed by Xcel Energy/Southwestern Public Service – Tolk Station.  Kirk said this is the best job he could have imagined.  Cheryl worked several years for City Hall here in Muleshoe and managed apartment complexes when she lived in Amarillo.  When Cheryl moved back to Muleshoe, she worked for Farm Service Agency for 9 years and that is where she and Kirk became reacquainted.  In February of 1999, Cheryl went to work for Savage Tolk as Coordinator and last week on Valentine’s Day, she celebrated her 25th anniversary with the company.  She loves her job and works with great people and loves what she does.

Kirk grew up farming with his Dad, Leon Lewis.  In 1974, Mr. Lewis lost his leg in a farming accident and the wonderful friends and neighbors from the YL community pitched in to help Kirk complete the crop.  Talk about initiation by fire!!!  Cheryl’s 1st job was also farming with her family and she decided real quick, she wanted a town job so she went to work at Gibson’s her Junior year in High School.

When asked “what got you into your industry”, Kirk replied, “my brother in law, Bruce, badgered me for years to apply”.  It is truly the best job and has been the biggest blessing for our family.  Bruce would have been with Xcel Energy 25 years this year.  Cheryl began working for Savage because of a recommendation from her sister in law who was vacating that position.  Ellen was getting married and moving to Oklahoma. 

Kirk’s proudest moments of his career are learning about farming, retail, and energy supply which gave him diversity in job and life experiences.  However, showing the Champion Angus steer (that his brother Ronald selected and raised) for Grand Champion in the Astrodome was pretty cool.  Cheryl is most proud of the spreadsheets she has created that have made processes more efficient across the Savage network.  She has an uncanny ability to see organizational processes and put them into a spreadsheet to make the process more efficient.  I call her an “Excel Guru”!  She calls herself a “spreadsheet Nerd”. 

When it comes to their mentors, Kirk said there were too many to mention.  He has been blessed with great people at all his jobs but his parents gave him the foundation by showing and doing the right thing in all situations.  The Lewis’ were great people.  Cheryl’s greatest mentor was our Dad, Clif Crabtree.  He gave the best advice and had so much joy for life and he loved our family.  Daddy could tell a GREAT story, too.

Cheryl and Kirk share a passion for NASCAR.  Oh my goodness, do they LOVE NASCAR!!!!  Cheryl loves her flowers and plants.  If you are ever in her house, you could see that for yourself.  She loves her sunroom which is full of plants and flowers.  Come summer, her yard is a showplace.  Kirk’s passion is becoming more involved in local and state policy making to help influence how our government responds and serves its constituents and realizing the citizen is the sovereign in our representative republic.  Kirk is a member of the Bailey County Farm Bureau Board, Bailey County Republican Party Precinct 2 Chair.  Cheryl and Kirk are both very patriotic and stand for our Constitution as it is written. 

The best thing about being part of this community for Kirk is knowing so many high quality, good people, and a few old soreheads, too.  For Cheryl, this community is the best.  We recently lost our brother and the outpouring of love and support was phenomenal.  Muleshoe is our home and we are proud to be part of it.

Annette Orozco

Bailey County Senior Center


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