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Bula Cemetery Association remembers the dead, shows faith in the living

Muleshoe Journal Correspondent

Because a grave is not marked does not mean that the person buried there does not deserve to be remembered.
Betty Harlan, president of Bula Cemetery Association, knows that the town of Bula was once home to a post office, a school and a gin. There was also a cemetery, and though the graves were unmarked, she felt the people that were gone deserved to be remembered.
“At one time Bula was a functioning town,” Harlan said. “A very few people still have homes there, but no businesses or post office are open. The town of Bula has ceased to exist except in memory.”

Bob Graves, still here after all these years

By Alice Liles

Alice’s note: This story first appeared in my blog The Bright Lights of Muleshoe on Nov 17. Bob Graves was my boss at one time or another at both junior high and high school when I taught for Muleshoe ISD and before he retired in 200. Even though he yells for the Sooners, he is a Mighty Mule through and through.

For forty-five years, Bob Graves has graced the halls, gyms, and football fields of Muleshoe Independent School District. He served under eight superintendents, did the play-by-play for many a football game, coached and taught enough students to populate a small town, and served at the junior high and high school as assistant principal and principal, all in the same small town where he first started his teaching career in the fall of 1958.

Road Riders donate to Special Olympics

The Muleshoe Road Riders recently presented a $200 donation to the Special Olympics, Canyon group, according to Eddie Alvarado, secretary of the Road Riders. Accepting the check is Kerry George, left, and Trace George, right. Muleshoe Road Riders consists of 20 members. The club has been part of the Muleshoe community ever since they were re-established in 1980.

Sudan Vets are Honored

Photo by Joella-Littlefield Leader News

These veterans were honored at a special reception Monday morning in the Sudan School Library, following a special service in their honor in the Auditorium. As they left the Auditorium, they were presented with the U.S. Flags, they are shown holding.

How a pallet supply company came to be

By Alice Liles

Alice’s note: This story first appeared in my blog The Bright Lights of Muleshoe on July 25, 2016. Pallets may seem like a simple, somewhat overlooked piece of equipment, but they are anything but simple to produce.

A pallet manufacturing plant in the middle of West Texas somehow seemed like a strange thing to me, so I decided to find out how it came to be that L&L Pallet Supply, Inc. wound up in Muleshoe. General manager Travis Hall graciously agreed to answer all my questions and showed me how those pallets are made.