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The Oneita Wagnon Senior Citizen’s Center from a new director’s point of view

I feel excited but humbled to introduce myself as the new director at the Oneita Wagnon Senior Citizen’s Center. With only two weeks of training behind me, I have already seen that this is the most rewarding challenging job I could have ever hoped for at this time in my life. The vital and contributing roots that nourish all that is good and worthwhile in this world are exemplified within the center’s walls. Very few private clubs or guilds have even been able to furnish the warmth and understanding that our center gives to all who enter.
The new debated there. Games, crafts, activities and events are experienced and appraised. Good meals and conversations are shared daily. Joy and sorrow alike visits all of us at the center. But that joy is shared and sorrow eased as we daily live and love and make great memories.

Loreda and the t-shirt quilts

By Alice Liles

Alice’s note: this story first appeared in my blog The Bright Lights of Muleshoe on April 13, 2011. I suspect our lingering cold weather has brought out the extra blankets and quilts in many households; I know it has at our house. And one that I dug out was one of the T-shirt quilts my aunt Loreda made for me a few years ago. I share this story with you because I think this is a great way to save your favorite memento shirts and have something functional at the same time. It also gives you something with memories attached to hand down to the kids when the appropriate time comes.

Muleshoe Ladies Country Club Association

Muleshoe Ladies Country Club Association met Jan. 17. Pat Kirk called the meeting t order with prayer led by Helen Templeton; also welcomed our guests June Hunter and Sherri Shipman.
The officers hosted the January meal. We were served Mexican Beef Casserole with chips, avocado salad, Monterey with seasoned crackers, with millionaire pie as dessert. The dining room was decorated with sparkling silver and blue winter theme decoration.

Wedding Announcement

Rhonda Eagle of Muleshoe and Randy and Kim Hodge of Aztec, New Mexico, are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter, Rendi Hodge, to Lance Mills, son of Mike and Pat Mills of Taylor, Texas.

Muleshoe graduate eyes future in medicine while studying in Grenada

Muleshoe Journal Correspondent

Some of us find our dreams close to home; others follow their dreams to far-off places.
Garrison Myers, a graduate of Muleshoe High School and Texas A&M, has followed his dream of becoming a surgeon to St. George’s University on the Caribbean island of Grenada.
Having completed his first semester at St. George’s, Myers is home on Christmas break.