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Hypocrisy Reigns Among Gun Control Advocates
Thursday, September 04, 2014
One doesn’t have to look any farther than the national news to locate hypocrites among the “gun control crowd.”

For those who are unaware, Irish-born actor Liam Neesom — a reported naturalized citizen of the United States — who has made his mark in Hollywood with firearm in hand, has expressed the opinion that the Second Amendment is folly that would have this nation’s founding fathers turning over in their graves if they knew how it was being implemented.

Kind of reminds me his fellow thespian, Danny Glover of “Lethal Weapon” fame, who espouses similar views but doesn’t mind taking the money from such action movies to fund his own liberal agenda.

What such a statement suggests, along with the fact that Neesom is a dyed in the wool hypocrite, is that his understanding of US history — and especially the reasons why the Bill of Rights was added to the US Constitution — is to put it mildly… lacking.

Of course, if he were up on his British history, he might understand that the actions of his ancestral king and countrymen were among the reasons the Second Amendment was set in place.

It also suggests that Neesom either doesn’t understand or care about the opinions of a large portion of his fan base, namely those who believe — as the motion picture characters Neesom often portrays — that the Second Amendment is a right guaranteed to individuals, just as the other nine amendments of the Bill of Rights are.

While not a tinsel town favorite, the second hypocrite to make the news of late is billionaire Paul Allen, of Microsoft fame and owner of the Seattle Seahawks, who reportedly has jumped on the gun control bandwagon of former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg to the reported tune of $500,000.

What throws Allen in the same barrel of muck as Neesom is the fact that while opposing the private possession of firearms, Allen is a collector of military armament. Reportedly, Allen owns among other things a Soviet Scud surface to surface missile, a M55 self-propelled howitzer and numerous war planes.

Most recently, he’s been in the news regarding his purchase of a World War II era German Panzer IV tank.

Author George Orwell apparently captured the thought processes of Allen and Bloomberg in his novel “Animal Farm,” in which the author stated, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

As one television commentator has noted on numerous occasions, Bloomberg doesn’t want the common man to possess a weapon to defend himself, but the former mayor reportedly doesn’t mind arming his personal security detail.

Many years ago, a friend of mine almost traded his pickup for a US Sherman tank, also of the World War II era. At the time the anti-gun gunk had only begun to percolate, and the thing that stopped the trade was my question: How are you going to get it home?

Then, as now, there apparently aren’t any regulations covering the purchase of such military weapons. You can’t buy a handgun from an FFL dealer without getting approved by Washington, DC, but if you have a hankering for something that can lob an 88 mm round a couple of miles away… have at it.

As someone else said, they apparently forgot to close the “tank loophole” in the federal firearms act.

Fortune, fame and hypocrisy seem to go hand in hand among the high advocates of gun control.

And while it may be difficult, but not impossible, to stay away from Microsoft products, I certainly won’t be cheering for the Seahawks, or watching a movie featuring Liam Neesom.

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Unity That Matters Most Will Never Be Open To A Vote
Thursday, June 12, 2014
One of God’s best blessings to us is that we cannot see the future. To do so would rob the best surprises that await us of some deep joy even as it could easily cast us into danger and even despair as we agonized over difficult waters that we have no need or strength yet to navigate.

That said, as I write today, I wonder how tomorrow’s vote will go. By the time you read this, we’ll all know, and the election will be old news.

Oh, you didn’t know an election was being held tomorrow? Well, for you, it’s probably not. Nor for me.

But tomorrow Scotland’s voters will cast a vote “for” or “against” independence for Scotland.

For 307 years, since the Act of Union, Scotland has been united with England as Great Britain (later including Wales and Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom). But if voters tomorrow say Yea, Scotland will “secede.”
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