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Gifting Problem Needs Fixing
Thursday, June 26, 2014
In what must be one of the greatest triumphs in the Obama administration’s war against the Second Amendment, the US Supreme Court has ruled that if you purchase a firearm from a licensed dealer with the intent of gifting it to someone… you may have committed a felony.

For those yet unaware of the case which led to last week’s 5-4 high court decision, a Virginia resident purchased a handgun, and later transferred the firearm to a relative in another state.

According to the information associated with the incident, the defendant’s relative asked the defendant to purchase it for him at a lower price than was possible in his home state.

While those supporting the defendant in the case held to the interpretation that a “straw purchase” hadn’t occurred because the person the weapon was transferred to could legally possess the weapon, gun control proponents… including the misguided Obama administration disagreed.

In its argument, the prosecutors standing before the court justices stated that allowing such transactions would hinder law enforcement attempts to identify the owner of a weapon used in a crime.

Apparently having to contact the person who had purchased the weapon from the dealer in such a case is more time consuming than to chase down the ownership of a firearm that was held by an individual for a few weeks, months or years before selling it to another.

The prosecutors contention was also that when the purchaser signed the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm’s form 4473 required for purchases from a licensed gun dealer, the purchaser was stating that he or she was the “actual buyer” of the firearm, and that perjury was committed because the original intent was to acquire the firearm for another individual.

To be honest, there is little that can be said in opposition to the fact that according to the instructions provided with the form 4473 the firearm’s purchaser didn’t respond to the question in a truthful manner.

The only defense is that the “spirit of the law” isn’t being upheld by the definition of “actual buyer” as stated on the federal form.

To the shooting public the issue boils down to whether it is the intent of the purchaser to provide the firearm to someone who can’t legally possess a firearm, such as a convicted felon or someone who is mentally unstable.

Even the high court’s conservative minority interpreted the intent of the wrongfully-answered question differently, voicing the opinion that the law prohibiting “straw purchases” didn’t cover situations such as that which brought the question before the high court.

But in the eyes of the gun-haters — who are looking for any possible means to attack the Second Amendment and its proponents — it’s no different, albeit on a lesser scale, than an adult buying liquor for a minor.

Following the high court’s split decision, Congress needs to address the issue through legislation that will resolve the problems with the BATF’s form 4473, and allow the legal transfer of a weapon from one lawful individual to another… no matter how long its been in the possession of the original purchaser.

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God Has No Problem Identifying His Children
Thursday, June 12, 2014
During one of the most famous battles ever fought, the World War II “Battle of the Bulge,” the Germans made use of a battalion of men commanded by Major Otto Skorzeny, “the most daring commando in the German army.”

According to author Stephen Ambrose in his book Citizen Soldier, 500 or so volunteers from that battalion were dressed in American uniforms and dispatched across the lines to wreak havoc and confusion, perpetrate mischief, and cause misery and mayhem in any way possible.

They spread misinformation about German strength and troop movements to lower morale among the American troops, misdirect the Allies, and generally spread seeds of panic.

They shifted directional signposts to wrong directions to cause further confusion.

Ambrose writes that once the American troops realized what was happening, the word spread amazingly quickly: “Trust no one!”

American soldiers, particularly military police, began to quiz anyone who looked suspicious or who was crossing a barricade, with such questions as, “Who plays center field for the Yankees?” (I’d have been shot as a spy if they’d asked me that one!)

“Who is Mickey Mouse’s wife?”

“What is the capital of Illinois?”

Ambrose says that even Gen. Omar Bradley was detained for answering correctly, “Springfield.” The MP was sure it was Chicago.)

But the spy-detection gambit that most caught my interest had to do with a proofreading mistake (and proofreading mistakes are the bane of this minister/writer/editor’s existence!).

It seems that a German in an American officer’s uniform was stopped at a roadblock. The man’s English was flawless.

In fact, many of Skorzeny’s men had spent some time living in America or Britain; one wonders how much trouble we could save ourselves if we just quit training our enemies?
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