February 26, 2024
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When Kristen Smith was young, she witnessed the importance of cardiology care firsthand. 

“My dad was born with a congenital heart defect when he was young and had surgery to replace a heart valve in 2000,” she said. “Seeing those medical professionals care for my dad was instrumental in guiding me into the medical field.  They had so much compassion for my father, and that is the same thing I want to have for all of my patients.” 

A Springlake-Earth High School graduate, Smith was born in Amherst. After receiving her training at Lubbock Christian University, she worked with Lubbock cardiologist Dr. Roberto Solis for 11 years, including some outreach in Muleshoe. 

“My dream while attending nurse practitioner school was to return to a small town to practice medicine in a setting I am familiar with,” Kristen said. “Coming to Muleshoe feels like coming home in a way.” 

At this time, Smith’s father is doing remarkably well, and, coincidentally, he sees Dr. Solis. 

Smith works at Medical Clinic of Muleshoe, which offers a full spectrum of services including labs, x-rays, CTs and ultrasound. 

“We can do what they need, or refer them to someone,” Smith said. “I love helping people. I love talking to them, being able to provide something that helps them, then following up and seeing that they are much better.” 

Smith advises people to take care of their heart health by watching their diet, exercising, limiting salt intake, and increasing their daily water intake. 

Smith spends her spare time, reading, playing games and taking care of her fur baby. 

To make an appointment at Medical Clinic of Muleshoe, call 806-272-7544. 

Gail M. Williams


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