May 28, 2024
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Running back Josue Sigala breaks a tackle during Muleshoe’s win over Abernathy Sept. 22. The freshman currently leads the area in rushing touchdowns with 11.

Ma’Rico Holland II/Muleshoe Journal

The following list is the Plainview Herald stat leaders from football 2A-5A through Week Five of the high school football season. A reminder to coaches: please send all stats recorded to Ma’Rico Holland II at

Passing yards

Trent Wilson, Sudan: 1173 yards

Nathan Martens, Muleshoe: 1078 yards

Seth Mayberry, Plainview:  938 yards

Elijah Trejo, Abernathy: 825 yards

Ty Henderson, Floydada: 689 yards

Passing TDs

Nathan Martens, Muleshoe: 11 TDs

Seth Mayberry, Plainview: 9 TDs

Elijah Trejo, Abernathy: 7 TDs

Aidan Baldridge, Hale Center: 6 TDs

Trent Wilson, Sudan: 10 TDs

Rushing Yards

Ethaniel Trevino, Tulia: 771 yards

Xavier Jimenez, Lockney: 695 yards

Ty Henderson, Floydada: 644 yards

Josue Sigala, Muleshoe: 635 yards

Rene Zamarripa, Plainview: 492 yards

Rushing TDs

Josue Sigala, Muleshoe: 11 TDs

Ty Henderson, Floydada: 9 TDs

Xavier Jimenez, Lockney: 9 TDs

Christian Chancy, Olton: 5 TDs

Daniel Sianez, Muleshoe: 5 TDs


Mateo Hernandez, Plainview: 34 Rec.

Maddox Ellis, Plainview: 21 Rec.

Salvador Juarez, Sudan: 21 Rec.

Rolando Martinez, Abernathy: 19 Rec.

Jaibryn Ornleas, Sudan: 17 Rec.

Receiving Yards

Braun Hobbs, Floydada: 368 yards

Yahir Quezada, Muleshoe: 340 yards

Salvador Juarez, Sudan: 340 yards

Mateo Hernandez, Plainview: 330 yards

Jaibryn Ornleas, Sudan: 291 yards

Caleb Groetken, Sudan: 287 yards

Receiving TDs

Yahir Quezada, Muleshoe: 4 TDs

Salvador Juarez, Sudan: 4 TDs

Ramzee Martinez, Muleshoe: 4 TDs

Jaibryn Ornleas, Sudan: 3 TDs

Mateo Hernandez, Plainview: 3 TDs

Total Tackles

Aaron Morales, Muleshoe: 67 Tckls

Noah Cantu, Muleshoe: 66 Tckls

Jeremiah Guitron, Plainview: 57 Tckls

Jaden Conely, Sudan: 46 Tckls

Alan Flores, Sudan: 44 Tckls


Hagen Hinsley, Floydada: 7 Scks

Johnathon Salinas, Muleshoe: 4 Scks

Matthew Lopez, Sudan: 4 Sck

Matthew Lopez, Tulia: 3 Scks

Logan Smith, Floydada: 3 Scks


Josue Sigala, Muleshoe: 3 Ints

Jaibryn Ornleas, Sudan: 2 Ints

Gio Baltazar, Floydada: 2 Ints

Dane Provost, Abernathy: 1 Int

Xavier Jimenez, Lockney: 1 Int

Ma'Rico Holland II

Muleshoe Journal


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