February 23, 2024
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Muleshoe Art Association met Nov. 7 at the Oneida Wagnon Senior Center for their monthly meeting.

President Ann Johnson called the meeting to order and welcomed visitors from Brownfield, Farwell,  and Muleshoe. Secretary Alice Liles called roll and read the minutes from the October meeting. Treasurer Misti Prather gave the treasure’s report. Old business included an update on art club members repainting the wooden Uncle Sam that previously stood in the former Art Loft and now belongs to the Muleshoe Heritage Foundation. The need for a place to store the display screens used during the spring art show was also discussed.

Sandi Chitwood reported that Melba Bratcher will display her artwork at the public library during November and December,  and Terry Brewster volunteered to display her work in the library during January and February. Terry will also display some artwork at the senior center this month.

New business focused on the association’s December meeting, which will be a road trip to Hereford for lunch at the Dakota Steakhouse and a visit to the Purple Cow Art Gallery where members will take part in a short art project.

The meeting welcomed three visitors from Muleshoe and six visitors from the Brownfield Art Association. The Brownfield art club members shared with us they are having an art sale on December 2, 10 to 4 at 4407 79th Street in Lubbock. All kinds of art and art-related things will be on sale.

The motion was made by Misti Prater to adjourn the meeting, and Terry seconded.

Members and guests enjoyed refreshments brought by Ruth Hall. The door prize brought by Melba Bratcher was won by Alice Liles.

Artist Jon Birdsong from Portales then led members through a fun exercise using their imaginations to make a piece of art. He used pieces of shop cloths used to clean up paint in his studio that were splattered with blobs of paint of different colors, and then looked at them like one might look at clouds and see shapes and forms. He then used a black Sharpie pen to fill in lines to detail the shape he saw in the paint blobs. He gave members and guests a small piece of shop cloth to practice finding an image in the paint to enhance. Then he gave everyone a larger piece to see more images and make it into something. Horses, butterflies, turtles, all kinds of images were brought to life in the paint smudges.

The next meeting is the December 5th trip to Hereford. Members will meet at the senior center and leave at 10:30 for Hereford. Members will pay for their own meal and the art association will make a donation to cover the cost of the art project. Visitors and future interested members are welcome to ride along and enjoy the activities.

Members present for the meeting were Ann Johnson, Misti Prater, Melba Bratcher, Shirley White, D’Dee Ellis, Sandra Chancey, Ruth Hall, Alice Liles, Kay Hohes, Sandi Chitwood, Phil Gaasch, Dianne Brown, and Terry Brewster.

Some of the products of the imaginary look into blobs of paint color by the members and visitors at the art association meeting.

Jon Birdsong illustrates what he wants us to do at the art association meeting.

Alice Liles

Muleshoe Art Association


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