February 6, 2023
  • 5:01 pm Lady Nettes use second half surge to earn convincing win over Fillies
  • 5:00 pm Area teams among Dave Campbell’s Texas Football’s top 100 in Texas
  • 4:59 pm Men’s district 4-2A wild finish fast approaching
  • 4:57 pm Lady Nettes secure district championship
  • 3:47 pm Tech’s Rick Cooper to be honored as WBU Distinguished Alumni

Muleshoe Journal Correspondent

Farmers and ranchers often perceive thunderstorms as showers of blessing.
Those who drive during a thunderstorm may see things quite differently.
Monday night produced an abundance of rainfall in the Muleshoe area. According to Channel 6, Muleshoe had 1.96 inches at the Muleshoe Mesonet, and the Earth Mesonet next to Tolk Plant had .67 inches of rain.
The Muleshoe Police Department saw an abundance of accidents and stuck vehicles.
“We were called to two accidents on Monday evening and responded to complaints of heavy rainfall on the roadway,” said Muleshoe Police Chief Gary McHone.
When the weather is acting up with heavy rain, high wind gusts or hail, it’s a good idea to stay off the roads. If you must drive or get caught in a thunderstorm while you’re driving, McHone advises you to slow down and use caution.
“Please don’t text and drive, which is illegal anyway, and avoid any other distraction,” McHone said. “If you’re on the road, and the rain gets so heavy that you can’t see safely, pull over into a safe location and wait for the rain to pass. Make certain that you’re not in a place where you might be struck by another driver.”
As for high water on the road, McHone repeats the well-known adage, “Turn around, don’t drown.”
“Sometimes it’s hard to tell how deep the water is,” he said. “When you’re unsure of the height or depth of the water, find a different route.”
It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on family and friends who live in areas known to experience flooding.
“Check on them, and if they don’t respond, call your local police department in Bailey or whatever county you live in to check on them,” McHone said.
To contact the Muleshoe Police Department, call 272-4569.



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